'NBA 2K18' to start the day on September 19th What rewards come with Brorders?

"NBA 2K18" is the follow up of what can be expected to be the highest basketball game around. They updated this year on September 19 for a wide range of platforms, including the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, and that Sboks Sboks 360 and Nintendo switch and Besi.

Not only "NBA 2K18" features a copy of the latest generations of keyboards and computers, the game also offers a variety of editions to choose from. Along with the standard packages, packets prior request for the game, additional goods players will choose to get their copies for the launch in September.

Early Edition adds a hint of Bonuses Brothers, and it is not provided as of this time. Adds pre-orders for "NBA 2K18" four days of early entry, which means that players can play as early as September 15th. 5000 in the default currency and 10 packs a week Mathiam and Kylie IRVINE Mablaar group rounds of bonuses in the game for Brorders.

Legend Edition is for those looking for physical bonuses and bonuses in the game for $ 100 NBA Live 18 Coins, according to Egan. It includes cosmetic options in the game shoes Shack Ataq and Jaruki Shack jersey, Shack official logo logo, and Chuck, "The title of" Jersey and episode Shack Championship.

This along with Shaquille O'Neal guaranteed card full of representation in the game of basketball legend. Twenty packages are included metam card, as well as any team 2K free agent card, to build a fantasy team, in addition to 100,000 in the game currency to the deck, such as on the game site

The physical edition of the poster edition legend adds, "NBA 2K18", five Panini cards and posters Metem Shack.

Gold Pack Legend Edition adds some additional add-ons to the Myth Edition package. Priced at $ 150, this edition adds all its Legend Edition, plus a few more. And 150,000 extra coins, and 20 other metam group packages, five groups of Jersey Mitchell and Ness Shack, a Kerry Irving Mablaar elements put this game in the game on top of the normal copy of legend.

This Gold Edition also adds five additional Panini cards and lenticular material rewards as a point.


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