NBA 2K19 black Friday 2018 sale: PS4 and Xbox One

Black Friday 2018 would be an ideal opportunity to earn yourself some video games to play with family and friends throughout the holidays. Sports games are always a great way to kill time, settle existing feuds, or start a new one, and if you're a basketball fan, NBA 2K19 might be something you want to consider grabbing - especially on sale.

It seems that most retailers have reached the same discount price of NBA 2K19, and the game can be purchased for $30 on their PS4 and Xbox One versions of Best Buy, Target, Walmart and PlayStation Store. You can find their links below.

In GameSpot's NBA 2K19 review, Michael Higham says "" the core NBA 2K mechanism is challenging and rewarding," "and it offers a variety of gaming modes. "" if you want to immerse yourself in sports and culture, NBA 2K19 will provide you with a wide range of content," "he continued. "" but after several years of iteration, even that has its limitations. While those willing to work for everything will eventually be rewarded, the VC system will still be stripped. But despite its flaws, there's a lot of fun to be had in NBA 2K19. Especially if you have a strong interest in the sport.

"NBA 2K19 shows what you expect from this team: the deep core mechanisms that are ubiquitous, often operating just right and occasionally wavering. Beyond that, there's a whole way to enjoy the sport, thanks to the powerful gameplay mode.

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