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NBA 2K19 is now used for mobile devices

Sep-27-2018 PST

New season, new basketball game. The NBA 2K19 for the console and PC was released earlier this month, and now it's finally on Apple's iOS platform.

But assuming you have an Apple iPhone or iPad, the next question will be whether your iOS device can run games. Because, as we've mentioned countless times in the past, the NBA 2K series is the most demanding in terms of hardware, so naturally not all Apple machines are compatible.

You can check out the NBA 2K19 requirements for iOS below:

Must run iOS 9 or later

Apple iPhone 5s, Apple iPad Air, Apple iPad mini 2, Apple iPad (6th generation), Apple iPad Pro, Apple iPod touch (6th generation) or newer

Also, according to its official list on the App Store, iOS 2K19 for iOS requires a lot of storage to install - about 3GB. Even if you're connecting fast, it may take some time to download because of Apple's servers.

The game itself has an improved story mode, where players can experience the history of some of the most famous NBA teams and players. MyCareer mode with new stories; Simplified control; Fresh tracks from artists like Travis Scott. NBA 2K19 also has multiplayer mode, which allows users to play with friends via the LAN or through Apple's Gamecenter app.

Have you had any problems with NBA 2k19? Let us know!