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NBA 2K19: New Features You Need To Know

Aug-18-2018 PST

For a series of problems before 2k19, it will be better solved. It's a good thing then that 2K are determined to make 2K19 as perfect as possible. They've built on top of 2K18's successes, and (most importantly) they're listening to fans...

1.Completely improve MyTeam

2K18's MyTeam mode has some setbacks. 2K dripping's content is like they're afraid of fans, which leads to boredom between package releases. At 2K19, they will release packages more frequently and won't take long to attract the best players. Speed up overall.

Some things have been completely removed from the lineup. Pack&Playoffs and Supermax were eliminated, replaced by the new MyTeam Unlimited and Triple -- kyoui mode. In the former, players will challenge their best 13 players online to counter an equally strong roster. Manage a 12-0 streak and you'll get an exclusive card bonus.

Triple Threat is a three-on-three (single-player) model, with each competing against 30 NBA teams. The team you face is randomised by placing the ball in front of a pinball machine-style machine. There will be an online model for those who want to compete with others.

2.Bigger neighbors?

The new model of 2K18, called "Run The Neighbourhood", aims to combine elements of MyCareer, pro-am and MyPark into a blockbuster feature that lets people speak freely. Not for all the right reasons, but it is.

Every great model has to start somewhere. Neighbours will return at 2K19 and are expected to be bigger than before. 2K has been very tight-lipped about all the things available in the enhanced story, so details are still scarce. One thing, however, is common in every preview of the game: it's bound to be bigger than before.

Hopefully, when they get busy building a new map to explore, 2K will come back to haunt the original microtransactions. High prices for haircuts and tattoos are outrageous and can be avoided. Developers have to find a way to make their neighbors more user friendly if they want to extend it.

3. Ever-Present Shot Meters

Rejoice, players who dread keeping an eagle-eye on rival player animations and prefer watching a little meter beam back and forth instead. In NBA 2K19(NBA 2K19 MT), there are now shot meters for every type of attempt, not just those that are uncontested or a little further back from the paint.

This will come in handy during those crunch lay-up moments or when you're crashing towards the net at full-tilt for a last-second dunk.

It may sound like another subtle change, but it's been lavished with praise in the previews by all comers, and with good reason. Knowing what chance you have of making a shot before those pesky animation cycles end is a blessing, and it's another tick for 2K. They've been reading those fan wish lists over the summer.

Shot failure is now better-refined. In other words, it's easier to see what went wrong. You're never going to bag every attempt just because a handy meter keeps you in check, so keep that in mind. It is handy to have there in a jam though, and it's a feature some fans cried out for in 2K18.

4.The acquisition system is gone

One problem: the new Takeover technicians can work against you, not just because opposition players can also use it.

Remember the risk/reward plan mentioned earlier? Well, don't forget it lest you end up with a terrible doom snowflake (which isn't actually called, but it should be) over your player's head. If that happens, they will suffer from too many misplaced missteps, missteps or lapses of confidence.

This forces players to pay more attention to shooting than before, and it makes passing on each game more integral.

It can also affect your teammates, which is perhaps the biggest downside. Throw too many balls at the rim from a distance and others will start to demoralize around you. This is the fashion way for 2K to provide personalized personalized service for each player. In 2K19, players respond to what's going on around them. It's pretty exciting, and it should have better ups and downs when the score is tight.

5. Acquisition system

The new Takeover system is one of the biggest changes to the 2K19 gameplay.

View this as a risk and reward mechanism similar to the ancient "He's On Fire" in Mega Drive/Genesis classic NBA Jam. Of course, the modern era is more elaborate than that, but the emotions remain. You don't 'see cover star Giannis Antetokounmpo lit or anything.

Instead, each player has a special meter that gradually fills up as they successfully execute the positive actions that help their team. Once filled, the meter is activated, and the player suddenly becomes similar to Michael Jordan in Space Jam. What about outdated references? You think NBA Jam came alone.

Once lit, takeover plans boost player attributes, enhance their usefulness and make them the most dangerous people on the field. There will be seven unique Takeover ICONS, each representing a different style. That means, for example, that defenders are more likely to have better blocks than three-pointers.

6.Better offensive/defensive balance

Aggressive players will be happy to know that 2K is getting a better balance between defense and batting. Of course, it is still possible to push the network and succeed, but it makes more sense to carefully plan attacks. If not, you're more likely to get hit yourself.

All of this is a mistake, like the real NBA. After all, you're here to play the best in the world.

Improved physics means that the ball doesn't bounce for long (which, for anyone frustrated by the animation cycle, seems never to end when you need it) is a good thing, and the player's movements look more refined.

Playing a top star like lebron James, or a beast like marcus Cousins, and the same old rules will still apply; They are far better than the rest of the field, so it makes sense that they have an advantage here and may ignore the new balance imposed by 2K.

It's nice to know that this is the exception, not the rule.

7. New Stealing system

In the 2K world, the defense has always been a bit hit. Dare to enter lebron's space, and you can expect to hear the sharp sound of the official whistle, then wrap around the knuckles to prevent a foul. He may also give you a dirty look.

This year, 2K has dulled those referees' senses or made it easier to steal. Whatever they adjust, it's the best.

Now, the coverage is much simpler. The same goes for blocking shots. There is more leeway overall, which makes the experience all the more frustrating, especially in cases where mistakes are more likely to be punished, and higher difficulty.

The change goes both ways. Gone are the days of spamming L2 / LT, squelching owners and keeping an eye on games elsewhere. The new active Stealing system means timing is even more important. This is almost a 2K offset for easier access.

8. Reduce the way of player editing

This year, 2K banished a demon. It may not seem like an entirely new feature worth peddling, but 2K goes beyond solving a major graphics problem.

In most cases, the development team always provides smooth animation. They need it because basketball depends on speed. This makes it all the more frustrating to see the serious tailoring problem of 2K18 in the game; Russell westbrook should not be one with anyone's shoulders.

Reduced cutbacks in the 2K19 gameplay, which is a huge advantage for the game. Anything that takes a player off the field or destroys 2K's elaborate dignity should be seen as evil.

When the action slows down, there's definitely going to be some shear problems here and there, which is good. The problem last year was that it happened often. If it's not obvious at full speed shutdown, then that's not a problem, so to speak. Players should feel alive and breathe humans, not empty dummies.

Which new NBA 2K19 feature is most exciting to you or your own opinion? Please tell us! More news about nba 2K all in NBA 2K wiki.