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NBA 2k19 update 1.06: what was added to the patch?

Nov-23-2018 PST

The latest 1.06 update period fixed some important issues in the NBA 2k19 game.

In general gameplay, some updates have been made, including the issue of fixing some players' "perfect" achievements without unlocking the final league trophy in Play Now Online mode. The patch also fixed a rare issue in which errant players won on Play Now Online. In addition, the latest patch updates the list image of trading players.

Speaking of gameplay, changes were made in the NBA 2k19 update. When a foul and a shot is short, it doesn't reset to 14 seconds in an online game. There is also the issue of passing steals being ignored when players press too many steals and have been fixed. To make the game more challenging, the ai defense switch logic has been updated and improved with pick-and-roll and pit. The patch also fixes some issues that users will hang up after they get hurt in the game.

Changes to MyCAREER/Neighborhood: some users complain that they have not been credited by the VC after leaving the Ante Up building after completing Neighborhood games. This has been repaired. There are also a few modifiers used to repair "neck seams," and some players complain when using face scans to create their players. In Ante Up, problems with reporting voice functionality sometimes do not work properly and have been fixed. In addition, the issue of metro travel on subways has been resolved and should now be feasible. The last change to the MyCAREER/Neighborhood part was a larger ball pickup radius for playing Dodgeball.

The NBA 2k19 pairing feature with patch 1.06 has been improved. There was also an occasional error that showed players from other teams appeared in pro-am Shootaround before the game and had been fixed.

At the same time, some changes have been made to MyTEAM,MyGM and MyLEAGUE, which will improve the general gameplay. All the changes made in the latest NBA 2k19 patch update will continue to the existing games, so players don't have to start enjoying them again and buy more NBA 2K19 MT.