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NBA 2K20: Best Build for Kobe Bryant

Feb-12-2020 PST

With Kobe Bryant, the sports world lost one of its great icons at the beginning of the year, in NBA 2K20 we can revive the former shooting guard.

In addition to his alter ego in the All-Star teams, the ex-professional can also be recreated thanks to the building tool in 2K Games' latest offshoot of the basketball series. In our Best Build, we chose Bryant in his later, more mature years, when he exploited his potential almost ideally in the long term and was able to celebrate the NBA victory twice in a row (2009 and 2010). The build will not quite match the actual quality of the MVP from 2008 because the developer does not provide enough points in the compilation for this. The feel of the game is nevertheless strongly reminiscent of Bryant at the zenith of his sporty creativity. Basically, of course, we create a shooting guard with a strong right hand and jersey number 24, which has not been awarded by the Los Angeles Lakers since his retirement in 2016.

When it comes to skill distribution, the main focus is on the degree, so we choose the first variant with a focus on shooting and finishing. These two skills each make up 40 percent of the distribution, playmaking and defense / rebound share the remaining 20 percent equally. For the physical profile, we opt for the balanced version, which does not set any particular preference and exactly thirds between flexibility, strength and vertical play. Bryant showed no notable weaknesses in its best phase, the physical profile should do justice to this assessment.

Point Distribution

Although the historically fourth most successful NBA player also had considerable defensive advantages in terms of points, we leave Defense / Rebound somewhat out of the way when it comes to the distribution of points. We only increase enough attributes to finally get three brands: Perimeter Defense and Steal are increased to 75, Lateral Quickness to 70, Interior Defense to 62 and Block to 40 points. With playmaking, however, ball handle and post moves are brought to the maximum, pass accuracy is increased to 60 again, so we get 15 brands. For the shoot, all attributes (mid-range shot, three-point shot, free throw and post fade) are raised as much as possible, Bryant was one of the best shooters from difficult positions. When finishing, we maximize close shot, driving layup and driving dunk, the remaining points are invested in standing dunk. While this gives us 16 brands for finishing, Shooting is even equipped with 21 brands.

Natural Properties

Although it costs a few points to build, we miss Bryant's actual height of 1.98 meters. Of course, it should not be too difficult either, we equip it with a weight of 90 instead of the standard 94 kilograms. So his strength is still in the 70s, but he wins one point on vertical play (79) and two points on acceleration (76). We set the wingspan of the former US international to 205 centimeters, anything above that would have a negative impact on the quality of his throws. As the takeover, we finally choose Shot Creator to show Bryant in its prime. Slasher, however, would be an option if a younger and wilder version was created. NBA2king.com | NBA 2K MT Market!