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'NBA 2K20' Continues With Realistic Lakers Uniform Patch Kobe Bryant To Honor

Feb-06-2020 PST

Because of these two attributes, it comes as no real surprise to see the game's development team updated the in-game Los Angeles Lakers jerseys with the"KB" patch. Last week, the patch was released before the group's first game since the passing of the.

Bryant was a defense athlete for the NBA 2K series as he graced the cover of NBA 2K10, and he was about the Legends Edition cover of NBA 2K17 following his final year in the NBA in 2016.

Bryant worked with 2K and appeared for the franchise such as an eSports demonstrate that helped to launch the NBA 2K League.

You can see me in attendance, if you look in the movie below.

I'm sitting next to senior gameplay manufacturer for 2K Mike Wang at the top left at the red shirt at the mark. It is a memorable moment covering the eSports evolution of it the match and the time.

It is obvious 2K wants to keep to honor Bryant, and the organization is intent on doing it.

Most fans are clamoring on the cover of NBA 2K21, but the writer must be certain not to come off as though they are monetizing the situation.

Fans that were critical could perceive poorly that. Thus far, so great.