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NBA 2K20: Gameplay

Aug-08-2019 PST

Hey there, 2K basketball fans! The NBA 2K20 is a huge leap forward for the game on the court, and there is still a lot to reveal, so let's get into it.

Motion engine upgrade

Proper footwork is the core foundation of basketball, and correct copying is critical to balancing the interaction between offense and defense. Without a realistic movement, everything else will collapse.

In the NBA 2K18, we launched a new sports engine that is far from the "animation-driven" system of early 2K games. When we switched, the improvement in sensation and responsiveness immediately appeared, but the new technology presented some challenges, which led us to lose some control over the animation choice, sacrificing the authenticity of some actions. In short, some aspects of sports look and feel better, and some aspects take a step back.

The NBA 2K sports team has developed an upgraded sports engine over the past few years to find a happy medium. Thanks to their hard work, this year's competition has made a huge leap. When you get the NBA 2K20, some of the improvements you will immediately see and feel are better foot planting, momentum modeling and changes in sports style. So the important thing this year is picking the ones you want to explode in the first step, rather than abusing Sprint triggers in all games.

Handle and sauce

Ball handlers can now learn about specific situations they didn't have before. Picking and rolling packages/splits, scene cuts, backcourt and frontcourt movements are just a few examples of NBA 2Ks that allow spherical operators to understand the surrounding environment. Signature Dribble Styles is another focus of the sports system upgrade, allowing the NBA 2K to accurately depict the myriad sports styles across the league. The NBA 2K sports team added new concepts to allow open players to get different sprint acceleration animations in the transition. You'll see 27 different styles in the league, which you can access in MyCAREER to create the type of ball handler you want.

Being a successful ball handler is about changes in rhythm and rhythm. With just the left joystick, the new system gives you a lot of tools. But if you want your guard to look bad in the process, then you need some "soy sauce."

This year, the NBA 2K sports team introduced a new size-increasing mechanism that allows you to connect standing dribbles in a cleaner, more realistic way. Each move is performed one-to-one by flicking the Pro Stick, and there are no pre-written sequences this year. Players have complete control over whether they want to let the defender fall asleep through a slow swing cross or hit the ball with a fast machine-gun cross. After mastering, you can even break the best defensive player on the ball. But when you over-drift or try to make the wrong move at the wrong time, you will see the player groping the ball or being easily torn by the defender.

We also gave players new high-level moves, including back pack escape, Luka Doncic's fake betrayal, intermittent trampling, new shammgods, and Will Bynum's fake sham hesi exiting the Big Three. Even before you put the ball down, the triple-threat offense has been expanded to include a number of new moves, including: directional jabs, halfway steps, shimmies and new first steps. I am happy to see how creative the community is when using all the new ball processing tools. Be careful with your ankles.

Reading and reaction

But don't worry, we haven't ignored the defensive end. Online defenders will be happy to hear that we have more tools to help them lock their checks. Internally, we have been calling this Read&React Defense. When defending the ball, the defensive player will see a small arrow under the controller indicating where they are leaning or trying to go. The arrows appear at different times depending on the defender's ability, simulating a different reaction time between a poor defender and a great defender. Properly predicting the movement of the ball handlers and cutting off their attacks will produce more predictable results, such as the dribble of the dribble, forced picking or tripping. Due to the upgrade of the sport engine and its improved defensive footwork, as well as the greatly improved bulletproof system, the one-on-one battle is now resolved in a more predictable way, demonstrating the difference between the attacking flat-footed defenders and the high-skilled lock.

Under the spherical manipulator, you will also notice that the indicator ring changes from a solid circle to a broken line as the ball manipulator moves or performs a movement on the field. The more the circle is destroyed, the easier it is for the ball-handler to lose the ball. To further emphasize this, we re-adjust the steals on the ball to be more predictable. So for the NBA 2K20, it's more important to read what the ball-handler does at the right time and arrive at the right time, rather than randomly throwing the Steal button.

Shot Solutions&Paint D.

The attack and defensive edge is another area of ??focus for the game team. For the NBA 2K20, redesigned layups and dunks, last year we introduced the ability to score from some layups to the end of dunks... but for layups, once you press the button, you only watch most of the time To a sequence from the ground to the air. The new aggregation feature allows you to initiate advanced aggregation on the floor, read defenses, and choose how to complete the aggregation by re-deflecting the Pro Stick during takeoff. In addition to the European steps, cradle, jump and spin props you can use before, you can now perform semi-rotation and cross-rotation collections to surpass your defenders.

Just like the game on the court, playing above the rim is accompanied by a strong defensive opponent. This year, we captured hundreds of new air collisions, serious fouls, grips and taps to make the rim protectors feel their presence. Defenders with good timing and decision-making skills will be a force to consider, and you must think twice about confronting them.

The shooting guard can also expect new fakes, backs and action-updated late games... and then the defenders will have access to the extended post-reinforcement system to help them lock rotations, drives, dripping and tripping. another side.

Work without ball

A few months ago, in the "Ask a Dev" episode of 2KTV, an upgrade to the ball-free game was coming. Players have 90% of the time without the ball, so we want to make sure our game is fully functional.

On the offensive end, the NBA 2K20 brings back an old beloved feature... no ball moves. We really hope that these actions will reflect the functionality of the spherical controller, so they will not only return but also be improved. With simple Pro Stick gestures, you can link them together or immediately branch out for flash cutting, dive into the hoop, or find open J's. These actions are also divided into three levels, separating elite players from other players. The combination of new and off-ball moves makes the more skillful game away from the ball recreates the epic battle we see between Clay Thompson and Stephen Curry in the playoffs against the Raptors.

On the defensive side, we have re-balled the ball from scratch to take advantage of the technological advances we have made to our system in the past few years. If you can see where your offensive opponents are trying to go, you can cut them off and put them in a box, making them look harder every time.

Whether on the ball or away from the ball, the screen is rebuilt and there is better interaction between the screener and the screen defender. The new content provides full control to help defenders navigate the filter more effectively and get a better position without getting caught up in other players. We also introduced the concept of a quick screen, which was performed by clicking the "Setup Screen" button. It has a high risk/reward and must be used with caution, but it can be a great tool to quickly wipe your referee's teammate's guard and slow him down to help your teammates open. You'll see plenty of extra new content, including better scrolling/fade transitions, screen rejections, swipes, screen blasts and hard-hitting brickwall screens. For your simheads, we also give you manual switch control. Simply press and hold the swap player button or double-click the right button to dial the switch and manually override the coach's screen defense strategy. You'll also notice that AI teammates have the ability to dynamically scroll/fade into open space before they are always sent to a static location.

The next step of artificial intelligence

The NBA 2K20 continues to drive the development of the AI field. On the offensive side, check out the new Dynamic Freelance engine. This new system, combined with the continuous development of ACE, makes it easier for the general public to run structured attacks.

Artificial intelligence defense is also strengthening its games. The transition defense module has been rewritten and introduces some new options, including "Protection Perimeter" and "Wall" (for transitional positioning against elite downhill players). Also note the new team-specific and player-specific adjustments in the ACE, including:

      - Utah's adjustment to Harden in the playoffs

      - Toronto's top lock rejection plan for Curry

      - Player-specific takeover awareness

      - Legendary team and player adjustments increase and improve(If you need NBA 2K20 MT)

The last point about artificial intelligence. In the past 2K, artificial intelligence always used Real Player% when determining success and misses. This usually leads to robots with predictable results. This year, we implemented the same shot timing mechanism for the AI ??used by the player. At the same time you can now customize your shooting meter to have a green flash, splash or hum effect. I know how much you like to customize.

Badge and acquisition

The badge has become one of the main ways in which players can differentiate themselves. We know how important they are to the game and the community, so the first thing we do in this development cycle is to sit down (in many meetings) and rethink what badges we should have in the game and how they should work. We bring an impressive list of about 80 badges that allow players to express different strengths in all aspects of the game. We have invested a lot of work to ensure that the value and uniqueness of each badge is sufficient to cater to any imaginable game style. We even added community-specific badges that enhance the physical and gorgeous gaming experience of the playground.

The return of the NBA 2K20 brings more content and new features, and thanks to all feedback from the community and another year of testing, we have adjusted the takeover capabilities to make it more balanced in terms of position and gameplay. There are more things to discuss about badges, attributes, takeovers, and player build improvements, so there will be more information soon. We are very confident that you will like the direction we are taking. More news all in here!