NBA 2K20: How to get Galaxy Opal Kobe Bryant

It has happened.

Galaxy Opal Kobe Bryant was detected by 2K for MyTeam mode(2K MT) and immediately became one of the most sought after cards in the situation.

Versions of Kobe Bryant Galaxy Opal with crazy reviews

Bryant Card is the first release in MyTeam's new G.O.A.T series.

You may be wondering about the Bryant Card rankings.

It is an easy to summarize list. The Late Legend card has a score of 99 in each category except for defensive turnover and spin (64), reaction time (60), match shots (60), recoil (95), power (95), standing diving (95) and more a hook (90) The internal defense (95) and the block (95).

Also 6 inches long ", this makes Bryant easily the best SG / SF in the game as he leaves Galaxy Opal Leap Year Tracy McGrady and Galaxy Opal All-Star Flash Pack Michael Jordan.

GO Bryant also has huge badges 67. Sixty-one of them are at Hall of Fame level. Every meaningful badge (Clamps, Catch-and-Shoot, Contact Finisher, Range Extender, etc.) is all purple.

Once you get this card, you are probably the most powerful in your group.

How to get a Galaxy Opal Kobe Bryant card

Bryant card is free, but you have to grind the game to get it. Players must complete all of the missions of the first Spotlight Sims to unlock Pink Pink Brandon Ingram and Pascal Siakam, leading to Galaxy Opal James Harden.

The series has been launched for over a month and 2K has repeatedly pointed out that the fan base should complete these missions as a huge price is coming. Those who have completed these challenges already have a leg.

Then they must complete Bryant Spotlight Sim with the pre-released pink diamond version of Mamba, which gives them 81 icons.

Finally, the player must complete new historical challenges with better rewards like Galaxy Opal Hakeem Olajuwon and more. If you can complete all these challenges, the GO Bryant lock will be unlocked.

It is a long journey, but if you play the situation regularly, you will probably think it is worth it.


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