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NBA 2K20: New Kobe Bryant content released, much more to come

Apr-19-2020 PST

NBA released 2K20 Kobe Bryant content for MyTeam mode. It comes as a pink diamond locker icon and a new set of Spotlight challenges.

Challenges cost the user to repeat some of the best achievements of the late Lakers legend, but I think this is just the beginning of honoring Mamba.

Trailer version Kobe Bryant and the locker code

If you miss something, here's the Pink Diamond Kobe lock code: every 2K MyTeam(2K MT) user will get a Pink Diamond version of the Bryant card. The introduction of the padlock symbol on the front guarantees them this relatively modest version of Mamba. There's a lot in the MyTeam community that complains about the quality of the card, from illustrations to themes and badges.

The artwork is a replay of an earlier ruby red version of Bryant in NBA 2K18.

Depending on your identity, this may or may not be a major problem. Card art is fun, but no needle drive for me. At the end of the day, it's just an art on the screen and won't win or lose a match for you. However, some take these details very seriously.

As the features go, there's no question that PD Bryant is arguably not as effective as the Amethyst or Diamond version already in the game.

However, this map was not really designed to be used in competitive online modes such as MyTeam Unlimited or Triple Threat Online. It was introduced to complete the challenges, and no different from the Ruby version of Udonis Haslem that users have to rely heavily on to complete the Dwyane Wade Spotlight Challenge. When kept in perspective, users should be able to rate the map.

Another really important factor is that it is free. You don't have to spend an MT or even grind it, so it's hard to understand why someone is complaining.

Is the Opal Kobe Bryant galaxy coming?

2K has not confirmed this in any way, but it is hard to believe that this will be the size of Bryant's content. Bryant's name and likeness are having a huge influence at the moment and it seems almost impossible that we won't see the Galaxy Opal release at some point.

Both seem to point to something big from the MyTeam mode in combination with the Harden card. If you think about it, what could be next to Bryant's content?

Maybe Galaxy Opal LeBron James, but besides King, we already have Galaxy Opal releases from every other player who will record it on Mount Rushmore Basketball (no, maybe we won't get Galaxy Opal Bill Russell).

I think there will be some correlation between getting a Harden card and accessing the Galaxy Opal Bryant card. We may not see it right away, but in the end this looks like another part of the 2K commercialized content.

If nothing else, 2K has always been good at teasing content and still impresses when it was finally released.