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NBA 2K20 Spotlight Sim: how to earn G.O.A.T. Larry Bird Galaxy Opal

Jun-14-2020 PST

NBA 2K20 received a content update with many new Galaxy Opals that can be found in packs or through new Spotlight challenges. We showed the all-new Kawhi Leonard Galaxy Opal map yesterday available in Prime Series III. However, the new NBA 2K20 Finals Spotlight Sim Challenge is also available, featuring six Galaxy Opal cards, including G.O.A.T. Legend Card, Larry Bird.

New challenges are coming for the NBA 2K20 Spotlight Sim Finals

In MyTeam mode, Solo Challenges now includes a new series of NBA 2K20 Finals Spotlight Sim Challenges. There are five complete, each for a different decade and with 10 individual challenges in it. The first represents the 1970s, followed by the 80s, 90s, 2000s and 2010. These are right after the challenges of historical spotlight.

There is also a new Galaxy Opal card as a reward for each of these series as shown below.

    ● 1970s Finals Spotlight Sim: Dennis Johnson (Sonics)

    ● 1980s Finals Spotlight Sim: Kevin McHale (Celtics)

    ● 1990s Finals Spotlight Sim: Kevin Rodman (Bulls)

    ● 2000s Finals Spotlight Sim: Paul Pierce (Celtics)

    ● 2010s Finals Spotlight Sim: Marc Gasol (Raptors)

Within each of the different contracts, you will find 10 different challenges that correspond to some of the different moments in the history of the NBA final. There are also times when you need to turn history around. Examples include hitting the Detroit Pistons in the final with Portland Trail Blazers or stopping the Lakers Championship with the Celtics.

Individual challenges are all at Superstar level. As you beat each individual challenge over the five decades, you will win other rewards, including MT, Tokens and Pink Diamonds, as shown below.

    ● 2,250

    ● 1,500 MT

    ● 10 Tokens

    ● 2,000 MT

    ● Pink Diamond card (Willis Reed, Michael Cooper, Horace Grant, Bruce Bowen, Shane Battier)

    ● 2,500 MT

    ● 2,750 MT

    ● 15 Tokens

    ● 3,000 MT

    ● 20 Tokens (and Galaxy Opal player above)

Going through this alone deserves GO cards, PDs, tokens, and MT.

How to get to G.O.A.T. Larry Bird card

Larry Legend has an impressive new Galaxy Opal that will give most players a great addition to their MyTeam lineup. Features of Bird's Bird 99s for external recording, defense and blowback. There are also 98 seconds for internal recording, game industry and sports.

To make things even better, he got 63 huge halls of fame. This includes everything imaginable, such as Volume Shooter, Giant Slayer, Clutch, Clamps, Dimer, Intimidator, and Tireless Defender. It is actually a card that you want on your team. View full map details here on MTDB.

To G.O.A.T. Larry Bird, you're going to do some grinding. Based on MyTeam screens, you must "beat all NBA champions since 1970" and have less than 24 hours to do so.

This means you have to complete all the latest NBA 2K20 Challenges Spotlight Sim Challenge and complete the ten challenges in each. When you're done, you get that G.O.A.T Larry Bird. It's a grinding process, but it's worth it if you want to add one of the best cards in the game today!