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NBA 2K21: 5 features we need in MyLeage on PS5 and Xbox X

Apr-10-2020 PST

NBA 2K's MyLeague is the best franchise mode available, but there are at least five things 2K can add to improve it in NBA 2K21.

Given the added power in the form of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, it is hoped that we will see some of the features that will be explained for the next game in the series. First, can we add any of the Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, and Lamar Odomin to the LA LA Lakers teams so we can throw them into MyLeage?

Now that Odom is involved in the game, maybe 2K can also get Andrew Bynum so that these teams can be accurately represented.

Here are five features that NBA 2K21 needs to improve MyLeague mode.

1. Tattoos for created players

If you play MyCareer, you can buy tattoos for your MyPlayer.

However, if you are an offline builder, you cannot add tattoos. It's hard to ignore the complexity and depth of the WWE 2K player's creative set, and you don't want anything 75% as good as the 2K wrestling title options.

In WWE 2K, you can upload an image that can be converted into a tattoo for gladiators. This would be a great choice in NBA 2K21.

2. More hairstyles for players

I hate constantly referring to the WWE 2K series for a better example because the NBA 2K series is better overall. Undoubtedly, however, WWE 2K tasks - especially for individual models - are above the line.

This covers the hairstyles available in WWE 2K games. If NBA 2K had half the options with the ability to arbitrarily color hair areas and change their lengths, it would open up a new layer of creativity.

Finally, agents should have more options for facial hair. With the MLB Show app, you can smooth out hairstyles that allow you to create some shading effects. The NBA 2K21 needs this mainly.

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3. Optimized presentation

I collect some things in this category. First, the NBA project should feel bigger and more exciting than it is currently in the game.

For players who play franchise forms, the offseason and its operations are the biggest results of the experience. Nothing is bigger than a draft in this space, so it should feel like a bigger deal.

Second, it's time for 2K to get a consistent and useful half-offer. This is only important in privileged mode.

Fans of other situations rarely take the time to watch this part of the show. Franchise players are available for every possible immersion, which means every radiorealism.

Other sports franchises did better. There is, of course, NFL 2K5 and another example is better. The match wasn't good overall, but NBA Live 14 did a good job in this area.

Last-generation keyboards may have the resources to allow weekly short presentations with highlights, the Player of the Week, etc. This makes MyLeague feel more like an event.

4. Play league games

Not everyone plays G-League matches on MyLellow, and some start with unique experiences when they want to play games only from an NBA Secondary League event.

Just like in an MLB show where you can play AA or AAA games, players playing MyLeage should also have the opportunity to play games for their G-League affiliates.

5. More radical customization options

MyLeague has a great offseason feature that allows for rule changes and other structural adjustments to the NBA experience. It's excellent. However, there are some additional ways in which this adaptation can be extended.

The NBA discussed the four-point tube. I would like to see how it works in NBA 2K21. Currently, you can add six more expansion teams than any other sports game allows, but since we no longer have a college collar game, it would be great if NBA 2K players could create a league that allows for university rules and structure.

We don't know when to expect NBA 2K21 or next-generation systems, as all of this can be delayed. When it is released, we hope to see these changes in the next release in the new console and aslo you can buy MT from NBA2king Store.