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NBA 2K21 drops a small update when the focus moves to 2K22

Jun-24-2021 PST

While the NBA 2K22 tension began, version 1.011 of the next-generation patches for NBA 2K21 fell very little into the patches. Here’s everything we know about version 1.011, including patches and what it can mean for the transition to NBA 2K22.

NBA 2K21 v1.011 - New generation update and patch information

NBA 2K21 has now released Next-Gen Patch 9 Update or v1.011 for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, which should now be available on both devices. We do not yet have a complete 2K Courtside report with detailed patches, but version 1.010 also did not have a Courtside report and was similar in size to this patch.

The following version 1.011 update patches:

    ● The floors of the WNBA and Dornas stadiums have been updated for the new season.

    ● Rookieville has been redesigned to make it easier for new players to get into town, and 1v1 Stadium is now available at a CPU discount to ensure that the opponent is always there.

    ● Players generated by artificial intelligence now have a suitable height depending on the location when they play games in The Rec.

Because some of this update is initially city-specific and everything is relatively small, it may not be released to the current generation at any time. PS5 Download Size is currently unknown, but we know the update is only 846 MB on Xbox Series X | S.

It is possible that the development has shifted towards NBA 2K22

While this small update to NBA 2K21 doesn’t mean much to players who still enjoy this title, it could be a big sign of the upcoming NBA 2K22. From now on, NBA 2K22 is expected to launch in early September, which means 2K Sports and Visual Concepts will have less than three months to get the title ready for release.

The edits made in this update seem to be probably in the 2K rear burner, and they have just decided to deal with it, probably because they designed it in the NBA 2K22.

The development team is probably all currently in competition with NBA 2K22, leaving NBA 2K21 with little other than small changes they haven’t yet received. At this point, any major changes to the NBA 2K21 are guaranteed to be saved as new changes or features in the NBA 2K22. 

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