​NBA 2K21 game modes: MyTEAM, MyLEAGUE, MyCAREER, MyGM, Park and more

Jun-28-2020 PST

NBA 2K has many different popular game modes. Let's see what we expect in NBA 2K21. NBA 2K21 is coming soon for next-generation consoles, but according to the release schedule we have in the game's official trailer, the NBA 2K21 comes out much earlier than the PS5 and Xbox Series X. With NBA 2K21 approaching fall 2020, it's time to consider all the game modes we expect this year.


MyTEAM is one of the most popular online gaming styles in the NBA 2K series as a 2K answer to Ultimate Team madness. We can't imagine it not moving to NBA 2K21. The situation has seen some bad additions to its time, including ready-made groups offering players with skills that are opposite to their own. This includes Russell Westbrook in Power Forward, Spud Webb in the middle and Dennis Rodman sniper behind the Arch in the Little Front. If 2K Games wants to keep immersion in the situation and present it as "what if" for fans who want to realistically bring teams of great teams together, Out of Position packages must be canceled for the next generation.


MyLEAGUE is arguably the most innovative and advanced management mode in every major sports franchise on the console and is unlikely to change for the next generation. Whether new innovation or old innovation has improved, MyLEAGUE is perhaps the most likely game mode to remain successful with players. At least once, 2K Games fixes the repeated bugs in the 2019 draft category.


Many see MyCAREER as the game mode that gamers in MyPLAYER should take to the next level to play online with NBA 2K21 MT. But behind this mandatory game mode, there are interesting story and system things in the NBA 2K20. There are many ways to improve MyCAREER for NBA 2K21 when it comes to the next generation. Things like better dialogue, more dialogue options, more sound options, more name options, and other simple solutions can go a long way.


MyGM was an ambitious effort at NBA 2K20, but it had some major flaws to justify its positives. In an effort to achieve immersion in the operation of the NBA franchise, NBA 2K20 added relationship requirements and player / employee requirements. If this mode is to reach NBA 2K21 this should be done better. The only way to keep employees and players in position is to send spam, a social option that starts with two screens that load each time and are written terrifyingly, giving you a few relationship points for every headache. Doing this for every member of your organization goes beyond terrible work, and bad writing makes it worse. For NBA 2K21, if MyGM wants to stay, we need to write better, see better management of new mechanics, and remove the separation between unrelated / unrelated arrangements that doesn't help anyone and annoys many.


Park is the classic 2K game mode in which the weak separate from the strong. Some of the best players go to the park to demonstrate against all levels of competition and to throw games on different structures. We've seen a lot of cosmetic changes in the Park game mode, and these were mostly successful, but not everything is perfect on Blacktop. Park has long been a hub for cheaters as players show off their various characters created without the character builder's limitations. This routinely means that you see characters that are too long to be seen completely on camera and often fill the screen. For the first basketball franchise, the sheer number of issues appearing in the park must be addressed before the next generation, and certainly before cosmetic additions.