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NBA 2K21- How To Quickly Increase My Team

Sep-16-2020 PST

There are many ways to obtain cards and packs in NBA 2K21 MyTeam mode. One way is to earn XP and the rewards associated with reaching level milestones in the game. It's the NBA 2k version of the Battle Pass, and if you gain XP, new items will be unlocked in each level. In this guide, we'll explain the best ways to earn XP and NBA 2K21 MT quickly in NBA 2K21.

How to get fast XP in MyTeam

You would think getting XP would be as easy as playing one of the game modes in MyTeam, but it isn't. To get XP in MyTeam you really have to complete challenges. These challenges are called “calendars,” and there are different calendar goals for the current season and the life of the game.

Season Agenda

The Season Calendar contains a number of different ways to earn XP quickly. These goals are often goals that you can sit down and unlock in one sitting. With things like daily goals, moments and weekly goals to tackle. Simply go to the season calendar under the Season 1 tab in the main menu of MyTeam to view your goals.

In addition to these daily and weekly objectives, there are also player objectives from the various packs that have become available. For example, Rip Hamilton is one of the players in the Clutch Packs and has multiple challenges to complete that require you to use a Rip Hamilton card to complete them. It can earn you this great XP. Of course there are many other goals that are similar to this one.

The best way to do this is to focus on the goals you can achieve and try to achieve multiple goals in one game. While it may seem time consuming, if these goals require high points, assists, or other tough goals, Domination Hard Pro Games is a good place to do them. Pick and choose your goals and you will start earning very quickly as the rewards are things like tokens, packs and entry attempts. Take these winnings and reinvest them in packs in the hope of attracting players that you can use to complete more challenges. If you have trouble getting the players you want through the pack slots, you can buy them directly at the auction.

Lifetime Agenda

Lifetime calendars shouldn't focus on whether you're trying to get XP quickly. Most of the challenges in the Life section of the calendars will take time. This includes things like earning 100 Domination Stars, completing combos, and more.

The bottom line is that the fastest way to earn XP

There are no shortcuts to earn XP. What you want to do is limit the number of reps you have to make from failing challenges in long games. Playing Domination's Pro skill level can make it very easy to get points, rebounds, passes or other basic requirements. However, some minor requirements can also be met in a much shorter game like Offline Triple Threat. It really depends on the challenge you are trying to complete in the mode you want to play. Some challenges require you to play a specific mode to complete them.