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NBA 2K21 Locker Codes: Zion Williamson for Season 7 of MyTeam

Jun-03-2021 PST

NBA 2K21 cover star Zion Williamson has quickly made a name for himself since his arrival in the league. An All-Star star in just his sophomore season, Zion is one of the must-see players on the hardwood. Available in the popular video game with several high-quality maps, including the new Out of Position 2 item. Thanks to the NBA 2K21 Locker Codes, players can now choose this card to use on MyTeam Season 7 agendas.

Out of Position 2 packs recently dropped as part of MyTeam Season 7 and feature several players in positions they wouldn't normally play. For example, there is a LeBron point guard and a center card, as well as Muggsy Bogues in the center. The packs also give a shot at the new Oscar Robertson DarkMatter Invincible and other star players. This also applies to Zion Williamson, and with one of the latest NBA 2K21 Locker Codes, he can join the MyTeam roster.

Card players will receive a Zion Pink Diamond 96 OVR OOP2 card. This one has the Zion play point guard or shoot. Zion offers 95 sports, 94 rebounds, 93 defenses and 93 indoor goals in terms of card attributes. The map also includes 30 gold badges and 37 Hall of Fame badges. This will not replace your best point. However, it's still a great addition to the lineups to complete some of 2K's MyTeam calendars in Season 7.

The latest NBA 2K21 Locker Codes can help complete MyTeam Season 7 calendars. Many of them include Zion Williamson. For example, there is currently an agenda among New Orleans Pelicans to score 32 points in the paint with every Zion Williamson on multiple games. It should be easy to get to with this OOP 2 map in Domination, Triple Threat or other games.

There are also two specific Zion Out of Position Rewards agendas. The first is to score 15 assists in a single game with Zion Out of Position. So it will work great in PG to get 500 XP. The other is to score 15 Triple Points on multiple online or offline Triple Threat games. This equals 1,000 XP.

With XP, you can level up this system to earn more Season 7 rewards, including packs, MT, and a level 40 Vince Carter pass. Season 7 is expected to end later this week, so we're curious to know what topic it brings to Season 8 of MyTeam! Visit NBA2king's  news page for more game updates.