NBA 2K21 MyCAREER Wish List: Changes, Features and More

Jun-06-2020 PST

Contrary to popular belief, NBA 2K games just don't add a MyCAREER mode for Chris Smoove to play. MyCAREER is one of the unknown game modes for the NBA 2K series. Maybe because most people just play to get their characters ready for the park and other game modes online. But while players miss the great moments from MyCAREER on NBA 2K20 (including a cameo by Idris Elba), there is also a lot to improve on. With that in mind, here's what we want to see in NBA 2K21's MyCAREER.

Better sound, audio options

The voice actors in the NBA 2K series was one of the most unintentionally funny content in a sports game. This includes some known flicker and register issues with the NBA 2K15. While that has come a long way in NBA 2K20, we expect more progress for NBA 2K21(need 2K21 MT from us). As it is, the player created always has the same default sound. This means that 7 foot poles, 5 and 10 guards look exactly the same regardless of their location. There should be more audio options for players created in MyCAREER for NBA 2K21. And perhaps more vocal representations of the NBA players to create storylines. This can be complicated, but thanks to the coronavirus quarantine.

No more default nicknames

For years, sports featured unique names that advertisers can say in the response. This is not the case for NBA 2K20. In NBA 2K20, you're stuck with "Che" until you finally reach the league and unlock the ability to change it. Until then, you're stuck with one of the many pre-made aliases advertisers can say instead of the names they'll use for someone else on the spot.

For the Super Basketball franchise, this is simply unacceptable if other games have been playing real names for years. Even if the real name choices allow only a small selection, the presence of real names that characters can say is very important to achieve any level of immersion. Che is almost uncut and NBA 2K21 needs to fix it.

Keep the story going

MyCAREER begins with an exciting and engaging story for the main character fighting a corrupt college education. This battle is going on today, but the excitement ends here. Of course there are deals on brands and product placements, but complicated stories are made before the NBA is reached.

As for the situation that starts with Idris Elba as the main opponent, it has since fallen into the same scenes of immobility before and after the matches. We can't expect the whole world to be committed to any of the lesser NBA 2K modes, but a little bit more can greatly contribute to the way players treat MyCAREER in NBA 2K21.