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Nba 2k21 Myteam Packages: Out Of Position 4 Released With New Cards

Jul-14-2021 PST

The latest MyTeam package has arrived from NBA 2K21 for season 8. Out of Position 4 cards tend to place players in different places than usual. The fourth batch of the series brings new, highly acclaimed products to some pretty big ones. For example, Tracy McGrady, Rudy Gay, and Hedo Turkoglu can all be used as point guards using brand new Dark Matter cards.

With the new T-Mac product, players will receive 97 athletes, 96 players, 95 indoor goals and 88 rebounds. He also has 54 Hall of Fame tokens, which give him an extra advantage across the game. His teammate Yao Ming is also part of this version with his awesome submissive card.

Yao gets 99 blocks, defensive hold, indoor and outdoor shooting, and recovery. His low ratings are play modes such as ball handling (97) or speed / vertical (97) per 2k list.

Wilt Chamberlain also has a new card in these packs, but he appeared as an offensive and offensive center, so nothing too crazy. However, it is a completely invincible card with an overall rating of 99. The invincible cards are just that, and Wilt gets 99 cards on the board from various points in his game. So it’s an ideal hub for many players who can add to their MyTeam lineup.

New Products Are Available On The Pack Market And Season Agenda

The latest NBA 2K21 MyTeam packages are used for 11,250 virtual currencies (VCs) or 15,000 MT in the Pack Market. There are five of these products, one of which is a Player Card, but there is no guarantee that it will be OOP 4 or Invincible. The boxes can have 101,250 VC for a 10-pack box or 20,2500 VC for a 20-pack box.

MyTeam Agendas also has a new checklist based on the fourth. These include using different players from the deck to achieve different stats. Some of them are in one game, multiple games, or certain modes. They are worth 500 to 5000 XP each, and the final reward is 2,500 MT for all of them.

Myteam Season 8 Ends, 2k22 Announcement Coming Soon?

With the release of the new NBA 2K21 MyTeam package, Season 8 has reached its final stage. There are only six days left until the official end of this report. Many players are still in a hurry to get XP through Agendas to get the Luka Doncic bonus item.

We should see what happens to MyTeam next. We may also see an announcement of the release date and cover star for NBA 2K22 to be revealed next week. Visit NBA2king's  new page to see our latest stories from 2K21, 2K22 and more!