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NBA 2K21 MyTeam Season 6 Begins With "Glitched Reality"

Apr-07-2021 PST

The new season of NBA 2k21 is underway with tons of new features, maps and much more to decode and unlock. 2K has released this announcement with many new details, adding a touch of mystery that will make players treasure hunt with the Glitched Reality in Season 6.

The new sixth season of MyTeam is available on NBA 2K21 on all consoles, including PS4 and Xbox One and also the new consoles, namely the PS5 and Series X from Xbox. The season's theme is called Glitched Reality, the 2K team will leave hints and codes during the game and also on the official website, which users can try and decode for various in-game rewards. The top prize for reaching Level 40 is the Dark Matter J.R Smith Award, the first of its kind to receive a Level 40 reward.

2K has also spoiled fans on its website with all the content that comes out, leaving carefully crafted hidden meanings and coded language, allowing you to unlock and sort tons of items. There are tons of rewards for players in Season 6, along with special Season Challenges, the Dwayne Wade Tournament, that you can get yourself. Additionally, once the challenges are unlocked, you will receive a Jimmy Butler card as a Tier 1 reward. There are more Galaxy Opals rewards that you can get yourself by completing MyTeam Challenges.

The list goes on, with Dark Matter Mel Daniels the last of the 99 stars. There also seems to be a wide variety of secret code bonuses, with the excitement of the site all over the place. Many of the posts circulated by the blog post appear to be highlighted in bold and beg to be deciphered.

The update offers a great way to engage players with upcoming content, along with a host of rewards for 2K fans. In addition, all the progress made on PS4 and Xbox One will continue to the new consoles.

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