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NBA 2K21 next-generation patch will be updated soon

Dec-10-2020 PST

The next-generation release of the NBA 2K21 is at the forefront of unrestricted magnitude, and we hope the next update will deliver the goods - or at least most of them.

It seems that the main problems that are hindering the city’s progress have been resolved. Frames are optimized and emptying is reduced. The Mamba Mentality brand is also not working properly.

2K seems to be getting through the list of early problems. MyNBA status is one of the most important areas that needs attention.

2K blew the windmills into franchise mode with the concepts and dimension of the revamped MyLeague feature. Unfortunately, so far the situation has been plagued by crashes when using custom team templates, menus, and scrolling user-created menus on the edit screen.

If you download custom team models, which is one of the absolute features of sports games, the next-generation NBA 2K release will be delayed for an insane amount of time or it could crash completely.

I have talked to 2K's with people who have expressed a strong and proven desire to repair the ship in these areas. At some point I'm sure it will be corrected. The fact is, however, that some issues may need to be addressed during the two updates. Crashes should be a priority, but there is also a problem in player progression.

If you run MyNBA with friends, young superstar players will face poor ratings early in their careers, which is the opposite way it would happen in a franchise mode.

It may not seem like a big deal, but for fans who want to play with their friends for more than one season - which is the whole mode thing - they’ll seriously stop experimenting until the problem is fixed.

At this point, MyNBA in all its glory promises to be a kind of excitement because there are so many of the best new features that don’t work as planned.

While I said I was sure the problems would be solved, it would probably be a good idea for 2K to publish something on social media by acknowledging the problems.

Currently, most MyNBA fans are in the dark. They are simply frustrated because the projects and the fun they hope to have are beyond their reach.

The next 2K package may be launched right this week, so it is hoped to eliminate the issues that are ruining the situation in MyNBA. NBA2king will continue to serve you!