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NBA 2K21 on PS5: First impression

Nov-06-2020 PST

Playing NBA 2K21 on the PS5 is particularly exciting, as it's just one of many next-generation games created specifically for the new consoles. Yes, the PS4 is available now in 2K21, but the next generation version of the popular basketball simulation game is a completely new and fully designed release with unique technologies, modes and features. Developer Visual Concepts used the same next-gen alternative on NBA 2K14 last time, and the PS4 version eventually went abstract after the PS3 game that year. 2K21 is not the case. It includes all the features of the current version and more, including a bold new City mode and deeper WNBA integration.

But first, let's talk about the most interesting part of the intergenerational transmission of sports games: the graphics. NBA 2K21's original 4K / 60fps rendering is impressive. Of the dozens of launch games on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, this may be the first to showcase the new next-generation console features. Animation is much better, teaching feet and momentum are the main areas for improvement. Players can now also take action steps, not just canned animations, reducing their 'skate' time.

Of course, players' faces are more elaborate than ever, and the only thing that can be sold is that everyone now looks much better, from the audience (and after all there are kids!) To the referee, at the scorer's table, team dance, amulet, Mop Boy, Photographer, Guard, etc. VisualConcepts reports that it has added custom AI actions to the 150 non-player characters in the bottom half of the arena. More evidently, they've added a second full-broadcast team led by Brian Anderson and Grant Hill.

Compared to the current version, the overall look of NBA 2K is much more comprehensive.

In short, compared to the current version, the overall look of NBA 2K is much more inclusive. Anton Dawson, Technical Director of 2K Studio, told us that the team has a new set of tools that can scan players' faces and capture arena lights, and has been working on the development of the next generation version since the development of 2K20. Basically, almost everything has changed about the way the player is entered into the game, then the display and lighting, and you can see the result on the screen.

In addition to the simulation, the new main idea for the next generation of NBA 2K21 is The City. It's the next step after being called "the neighbor", and it's a true open world where you can wander around and compete in one of four tournaments and compete in solo competitions (or larger teams). You can explore on foot, skateboard or bike. There are shops, pick-up areas, etc. There is even a FourSquare-style job that allows you to run for mayor in any district and vote in the game you vote in (new elections take place every six weeks). Then the four mayors can plan the battle's soundtrack, design their alliance court and customize the look of the neighborhood. Hundreds of players will be roaming at the same time, although when I jumped into the preview, there were only a few QA testers. However, if the visual concepts could achieve this feature, it would be a great feature.

If visual concepts can contain the function of a city, then it is a great job.

New 2K has also doubled WNBA integration. You now have a full MyPlayer career mode and full Online League options with NBA 2K21 MT. The way these women move and play the game must be different from that of the men. Visual Concepts' quest for originality seems real, and that's what 2K said, thanks to the men and women of the loyal WNBA fans themselves.

For men, MyCareer offers a new story mode called Long Shadow, which introduces the G League to another major career path outside of college. To put it humorously, in recent years, many enemies have returned from the MyCareer mode here as members of Team G, accompanied by various off-field dramas.

It's interesting how the new beginnings of NBA 2K21 have been incorporated into the next generation. NBA 2K21 will be released on November 10 for Xbox Series X and on November 12 for PS5.