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NBA 2K21 player ratings are updated with the top 10 players

Nov-12-2020 PST

As promised, the first major update for NBA 2K21 for players has now been released on current platforms and the next generation.

The Xbox Series S and X versions of the game became available on Tuesday, and the latest reviews were released with this release. Notable changes include the rise of Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James to 98. He is the most respected active player in the game.

Right behind him is double and consecutive MVP winner Giannis Antetokounmo of the Milwaukee Bucks. The Greek Freak is ranked one less than James with 97 points. Here is an overview of the top 10 rated players.

    ⒈ LeBron James - 98

    ⒉ Giannis Antikounmo - 97

    ⒊ Anthony Davis - 96

    ⒋ Kawhi Leonard - 96

    ⒌ James Harden - 96

    ⒍ Kevin Durant - 95

    ⒎ Steve Carey - 95

    ⒏ Damian Lillard - 95

    ⒐ Luca Doncic - 94

    ⒑ Jimmy Butler - 93

James and Davis led the Lakers to the 17th NBA Championship after the league started the season, so it was expected to increase its presence in the top five.

Other notable details show that all but the top ten players (Curry) are active in the NBA bubble.

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