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NBA 2K21 Ranks: Who Are The Five Best small forwards?

Jul-20-2020 PST

When it comes to the NBA and young strikers, this position is perhaps the most built up in the entire league. Having one of these players in NBA 2K21 increases your chances of winning by a very large margin. Often when I watch NBA 2K games on Twitch or rather personally, I am amazed at how often these players can score at a steady pace just like the regular NBA.

The NBA resumes its season on July 31 in Orlando and there is a good chance to see some young strikers on this list in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, NBA 2K21 will be released on September 4. With a release of less than two months, we'll take a look at five players who must be the top five Junior Attackers in NBA 2K21. So, without further discussion, let's take a look at the five players who deserve these five honors.

LeBron James

LeBron James will make his mark first on this list simply because he is one of the greatest NBA players of all time. In my opinion it will never be bigger than ever in my opinion as I still believe that Michael Jordan deserves this title but he is definitely one of the best players to ever play basketball and it gives Michael Jordan the opportunity to run for money. NBA 2K20 LeBron James was 97 overall. He was the highest striker in the game. There is no doubt that Lebron James will still be the top rated player in NBA 2K21 as he is the best player to play this position. Playing as Lebron James in NBA 2K video games is almost like using cheat codes.

Everyone knows that LeBron James has pure talent and is a very consistent player. All LeBron can improve are his free throws. For a James caliber player, you'd think it would be an absolutely top-rated free throw, but unfortunately it doesn't even come close. James has so far challenged father's time. He often doesn't have those nights when the player can't shoot. If this happens in NBA 2K then it is probably something you are doing wrong with. If you decide to choose NBA 2K21 this year, feel free to play as Lebron James, you won't regret it.

Kevin Durant

In recent years I have learned a lot more to respect the game of Kevin Durant. Just when you think you've trapped Durant in a corner that forces him to pass the ball to someone else, he somehow manages to get out of a crazy shot that comes in often. I honestly don't know how this guy is good at playing basketball. When Kevin Durant played with Steve Curry on the Golden State Warriors team, many people kept saying they thought Steve Curry was the best player on that team. I have to be very different. Kevin Durant was the best player of Golden State Warriors and would be the second best small striker when NBA rolled 2K21.

The most important thing about Kevin Durant is that he can do anything. Durant can give a free kick, create triple-clutch indicators, and even provide chances to score a clutch that wins basketball games. Now with Brooklyn Nets featuring Durant on their basketball team alongside Kyrie Irving, they will definitely be a force to be reckoned with. Thanks to this guy Kevin Durant, Brooklyn Nets won't be a team to be ashamed of at NBA 2K21. In NBA 2K20, Durant was the second highest rated minor striker with a score of 96. Don't be surprised if Durant sneaks in 97 to pair LeBron James, but for now I expect it to stay close to 96 again.

Kawhi Leonard

The current NBA Finals player cannot be ignored when it comes to young attackers. Kawhi Leonard was a very fun player to watch all the NBA playoff games last year. Help the Toronto Raptors take them to their first NBA championship. Kawhi Leonard is a very good player, but I will not put him in the same category as Kevin Durant or Lebron James. Personally, I think Kohe was a more deadly player in Raptors than in Clippers, yet he is generally a talented player. At the launch of the NBA 2K20, Kawhi Leonard finished 97th overall. This is probably because he became the MVP Finals and won the NBA Championship.

As time went on, 2K Sports decided to drop Kawhi Leonard's grand total to 96. This elite is still generally pretty general, but I don't think Durant and Leonard should share the same overall. Every time I saw Kawhi Leonard play this season (for his shortcut) he played well, but it wasn't the same Kawhi Leonard he was when he won the NBA finals. It will be very shocking that 2K Sports Kawhi Leonard gives the same total score for Kevin Durant in NBA 2K21 and I don't see that happening. While there is a little bump in gameplay, I think Kohe is the third best little striker in the league. If it were up to me, I think 94 or 95 years would be reasonable for Koh.

Jimmy Butler

I'm sure Chicago Bulls miss Jimmy Butler. He continues to grow as a player every year and he is in the NBA and Miami Heat is very lucky because Butler is part of their franchise. In the 2K20 NBA, Jimmy Butler received 88 overall ratings. This ranking is still very good, but still represents a significant drop from the NBA 2K20's third best small striker. The difference between Kawhi Leonard and Jimmy Butler currently in NBA 2K20 is 8 points in total. 2K Sports must solve this in NBA 2K21.

Jimmy Butler was only undervalued by 88. Must be at least 90 years old. This season, Miami Heat currently has a record 41 wins and 24 losses. These victories are due to Butler. Playing against a player like him is not easy for rival teams, which is why Butler generally deserves more respect. This season, Butler played 54 games and scored 1093 points, with an average of 20.2 points per game. Butler's internal record is 69 overall poor in NBA 2K20, which may slightly alter 2K Sports in the new game. Jimmy Butler is a very good basketball player and a very young striker. I hope 2K Sports has already realized Butler's talent this year and took it a little higher.

Brandon Ingram

Brandon Ingram was not among the top five in the NBA 2K20, but I hope this will change this year. He will be in the top five in terms of young strikers, especially after he had the best career season with an average of 24.3 points per game. He is only 22 years old. Brandon Ingram is so talented and young that his potential absolutely goes through the roof. Recently, Lonzo Ball even said that Brandon Ingram deserves a maximum of ten years, so I know I'm not alone in seeing the high level of talent Brandon Ingram has. Currently Brandon Ingram at NBA 2K20 is 86 in general. At this point in the Ingram career - which is so small - I can understand why the 2K team was hesitant to make it 90 players in all.

Who knows if he's going to be a 90-year-old player, but he definitely has the talent and skill to do it if he can be consistent with his production. Companies that produce sports video games are very careful about jumping on relatively young athletes, out of respect for the seasoned athletes who have been involved in the game for many years and can demonstrate that they are consistent at a high level of play. Do you think Ingram will be the top five attackers in NBA 2K21? Yes. Do I think it will increase overall? Yes. Do I think he should be 90 years old as a public player early in his career? No. Brandon Ingram is off to a bullish start, and his name is expected to be heard often on the NBA.

If you can't figure out just the names of the players on this list, the small front position floods the league with elite players and high talent. If you're passionate about NBA 2K21 and buy 2K MT Coins, you can get it this fall when it launches on September 4 on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.