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NBA 2K21: the best basketball league is played on PlayStation

Aug-05-2020 PST

The best basketball league in the world is played on PlayStation. Learn about NBA 2K21 editions and reserve bonuses, the tribute to the eternal 24.

There is no place for rest in the premier category of world basketball. Take Two returns for another year to transport us to the NBA universe, although the 2021 edition is even more special due to several factors. First of all, the tribute to Kobe Bryant. The Los Angeles Lakers myth left us too soon. Although it starred in its own cover in life, the Black Mamba receives the particular gesture of the publisher. Second, the new generation of consoles.

A new way to experience NBA 2K is coming, and what better way than to be part of PS4 from the first moment. At MeriStation we offer you the reasons why you should reserve NBA 2K21 through the PlayStation Store. From the comfort of your home you can prepare for its launch on September 4.

Pre-order NBA 2K21 Mamba Forever Edition on PlayStation Store and receive bonuses

NBA 2K21 has two editions already better available in the PlayStation digital store. The Mamba Forever edition stands out, your front door in style since this summer and at the same time your ticket for the next console grid. When you get it you will receive the standard version for PS5 at no additional cost, saving you from having to buy the new generation copy separately. Because, yes, this year NBA 2K21 is divided into two different formats depending on the generation it is in.

You can pre-order NBA 2K21 Mamba Forever Edition on PlayStation Store for just € 99.99. Nothing more than to buy it in advance on PS4 you will receive an exclusive theme, two Promo packs of My TEAM (other two more extras) and a set of power-ups for My PLAYER. As if that were not enough, if you make the jump to the new generation you will receive another 100,000 NBA 2K21 VC for PS5. You can install it in advance to play from the moment it launches.

The Mamba Forever edition includes the following digital objects for the game:

   100,000 VC (virtual currency).

   10,000 MT (My TEAM points).

   10 My TEAM tokens.

   60 Mi CARRERA enhancers.

   40 Promo packs of My TEAM.

   2 Sapphire cards from My TEAM from the Standard Edition cover player.

   Collection of sneakers for My PLAYER.

   Backpack for My PLAYER.

   Kobe Bryant digital collection.

The cadence of reception of the promotional packages of My TEAM will be as follows: you will receive 10 envelopes on September 4, that is, during the launch. From that day on, another 3 envelopes will be added to the week, until the remaining 30 have been granted. The flow of rewards will not stop throughout the weeks.

On the other hand, it is worth noting the importance of having 100,000 starting VC, which will give us a considerable boost during our first steps in the main game modes. If you're determined to make the leap to PS5, this edition is well worth it in the long run, as you expect to receive another 100,000 VC for the next-gen version.

We remember that this edition includes a standard copy of the version for PS5. In a single purchase you receive both versions: play now on PS4 and then jump free to the new generation. The € 30 difference compared to the standard edition saves you money if you then make the jump to the PS5. If you buy it separately you will have to pay double.

Pre-order NBA 2K21 on PlayStation Store and get ready for the new season

In the event that you cannot afford the Mamba Forever edition, the standard edition can be tailored to your situation. You can pre-order NBA 2K21 on PlayStation Store for just € 69.99. You will receive as an exclusive bonus an interface theme and 2 My TEAM Promo packs. Plus, the standard copy offers you free items just for pre-ordering.

The standard edition includes the following digital objects when completing the reservation:

   5,000 VC (virtual currency).

   5,000 MT (My TEAM points).

   10 Promo packs of My TEAM.

   9 Mi CARRERA enhancers.

   Collection of 5 pairs slippers.

   Damian Lillard digital collection.

It always helps to have a little push for the main game modes. Especially with the promotional packages, which follow the same trail as those discussed above. The only difference is that the cadence is reduced to a single envelope per week, which makes you spend 10 weeks receiving bonuses.

Because My TEAM is the star mode of the title. Each year the players face the teams created through the envelopes. You are receiving and buying stickers that make up your club at all levels, including bench, training supplements and more.

And if you prefer to live the individual experience, My CAREER is the other half of the ball. Train from the ground up and experience how a player makes his way through the NBA. From choosing your height, wingspan, weight and skills to the main statistics on which it will be molded. You will have to get used to the bench and take advantage of every opportunity the coach gives you. Those power-ups will help you keep up.

The saga's online offering is vital; Playing it with PlayStation Plus will let you squeeze the entire NBA 2K21 offering. Beyond the possibility of playing online with your friends, the subscription allows us to obtain new games at no additional cost each month. You can still download NBA 2K20, one of the chosen ones in the month of July, at no additional cost if you are a member of PS Plus. In this link you can get hold of it.

From PS4 to PS5: NBA 2K21 in the new generation

Little data is known at this time about the news that NBA 2K21 will incorporate in its version for the new generation. What is guaranteed is the ability to keep some of the progress made on PS4. Any progress you make in My TEAM mode will remain in the profile, as well as the NBA 2K21 MT wallet.

The next generation transition program is done within the same family of consoles, so you can't transfer it to PS5 if you don't play on PS4. We are promised the incorporation of a new graphics engine prepared for the hardware that will arrive at the end of the year, new animations and the use of the haptic technology of the DualSense.