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NBA 2K21: Where's the MyGM MyLeague Trailer?

Aug-12-2020 PST

Every year, 2K rolls out its feature-by-mode list, and one of the first aspects of the game to be revealed was MyGM / MyLeague (franchise modes).

For reasons unknown, we had less than a month left for the NBA 2K21 release on the current generation of consoles, and there was little information about MyGM / MyLeague. These modes are always the best feature of the NBA 2K universe, although they follow a bit of a niche.

We are clearly in a global pandemic, but that is not affecting communication - at least it shouldn't be. Also, if you look at developers / publishers like Bungie, EA and others, they still communicate with their clients despite an assumed understanding of the difficulties COVID-19 presents.

What time is 2K with the MyGM / MyLeague trailer? Keep this in mind, only once in the last five years have we come deep into August and this part of the game hasn't been revealed.

In 2015, the trailer was released on August 19. Since then it came much earlier. In 2016 she arrived on July 19. In 2017, it struck on July 27. In 2018 it was released on August 2. Last year it came out on July 29.

Information has been sporadic on every aspect of the game, something he got into earlier this week, but there is growing concern that 2K may be making the same mistake as EA by downgrading its franchise modes and thus ignoring them during build. Current generation version.

Logical fans know that most of 2K's efforts will be to ensure the next generation of NBA 2K21 drives away its fans with unprecedented visuals, expanded modes and improved gameplay. We'll have to wait and see if this is what we'll get once PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are available.

In the meantime, there is a desire to remove the few remaining limitations of the situation on what could be the latest or at least one of the latest versions of this generation of consoles.

In the absence of a teaser trailer, expectations for any developments in the field will diminish, and many MyGM / MyLeague fans may choose not to show this year's copy. If they can't or don't want to invest in the PS5 or Xbox Series X, they may be out of the 2K cycle all year round.

Everyone knows that 2K21 will have a short lifespan in the current generation with players looking to upgrade to the next generation this year, but 2K shouldn't ignore fans loyal to premium franchise modes. NBA2king looks forward to the arrival of NBA 2K21 with you!