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NBA 2K22 Gets Season 5 Limited Event and Two New Dark Matter Cards

Mar-22-2022 PST

NBA 2K22 is making waves in MyTeam Season 5 with limited events to earn new Green and Gold Rush rewards. With the launch of the event, two Dark Matter NBA 2K22 cards are available, launching a new collection with feature packs that allow players to use a range of locker codes.

Basketball fans were overwhelmed by the plethora of new content announced for NBA 2K22, but with it came the increased playability of MyTeam mode. Season 5 of MyTeam seems to be heating up with several new units now available by purchasing packs or by taking them as rewards.

In a limited event, players will form NBA 2K22 teams of up to five Emerald cards, the rest must be Gold-level, with a stipulation that no cards have a free agent tag. Both Emerald and Gold cards are relatively inexpensive and readily available, allowing players to purchase them from the marketplace at a low cost to participate in events. Players can earn a ring each week, but this week's range of rewards includes tokens, amethyst Paul Pierce and pink diamond Larry Bird. If the player obtains all five rings, they can obtain the Champion Ring, which will reward the player with the Galactic Opal 98 OVR Demarcus Cousins.

NBA 2K22 debuted on March 18, 2022, with the release of a new series called "Bracket Busters." That includes players who made a big impact in college. The cards range in rank from dark matter to ruby, and players can get these items in deluxe packs, which guarantee buyers at least one unit per pack. The Single Bracket Busters Pack and Deluxe Pack are priced at 1,250 VC or 15,750 MT, while the Bracket Busters Ten Pack (Deluxe Edition) is priced at 135,000 VC. Units up for grabs include Dark Matter Stephen Curry with a 99 overall, Galaxy Opal Tim Duncan with a 98 overall, and Pink Diamond Taylor Hansbrough with a 96 overall.

If that's not enough to get basketball gamers excited, 2K Games has released a series of locker codes with tons of free-to-get premium items. Entering the code BRACKET-BUSTERS-IN-MyTEAM will earn players a Bracket Busters Pack, Clutch Shooter Badge Pack or five tokens. 250K-DARK-MATTER-LEBRON-NDRMK will give players 99 overall Dark Matter LeBron James for free as part of six cards. Finally, the MYTEAM-250K-OPAL-OPTION-PACK lets players choose between Galaxy Opal Allan Houston, Amar'e Stoudemire, Monta Ellis, Pete Maravich or Yi Jianlian.

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