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NBA 2K22 Trailer: What You May Not See

Sep-01-2021 PST

2K released the game’s first trailer for NBA 2K22 on Monday, and its preview option is gratifying and very frustrating. While some things are obvious, such as a more accurate face scan of a coated athlete and Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic, some things may require more attention.

A few notes on the NBA 2K22 trailer

Some things might slip, both positive and negative. One of the latter group introduces Detroit Pistons newcomer Cady Cunningham. 2K clearly didn’t get a scan from Cunningham, and his rendering was nowhere near as accurate as the skin tone and hairstyle in the same family, but not in place. 2K has since had Cunningham and other beginners under review.

One of the most important questions is, will the updated offers come on the first day of the game, i.e. September 10, or will we have to wait a while? It’s hard to say because this version seems to go to the wire. Developers may be working on this game in the last week. This is a recipe for updating the layout and post-release menu.

If you’re not sure what Cunningham would look like, here’s a picture of public choice # 1 on his Pistons jersey. The trailer is not cinematic, it is real gameplay.  You can see the scoreboard in the background.

For those of us who have done feature montages or mixed up trying to get a certain animation for whatever reason, we know how that kind of thing happens. The game has basically set it to the lowest difficulty level and shuffled some sliders to make it easier to perform the desired moves. It’s great to see 2K developers do the same process and use something so close to design that fans have to create great features. This tells you that everything you see in the trailer can be played in a real 2K game.

Missing pieces of hype before the release of NBA 2K22

Obviously, this week is all about the game. Next week should focus on The City, MyCareer, MyNBA and MyTeam. This is a lock that must be set three or four days before the game is released. Influencer 2K Power DF asked a good question. Ask out loud about the possibility of testing MyPlayer Builder. It is closely related to the demo.

Without the demo, it seems that players may be left with experience in their own post-launch phase. I’m not sure how this happens to people who use the extra money to activate MyPlayers quickly. It was a strange period before the release, but all the news seems to be progressing slowly but surely.

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