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NBA 2K22: Zero Gravity Season 6 Agenda and Free Reward Cards

Apr-14-2022 PST

Season 6: Zero Gravity kicks off, and NBA 2K22 makes sure its player base has plenty to play. The new season has begun with three new Dark Matter cards, and more information will appear that keeps MyTeam mode more popular than ever before.

Over the next five weeks, players will be able to increase their progression by a total of 25 players, starting with some gold-level units and ending with the Dark Matter card. Along with the new serial package and tray code, the NBA 2K22 pulls all the stops to the start of season 6 and is even bigger than its predecessor.

In MyTeam, players can complete tasks as part of an agenda chain to receive performance-based rewards. Season 6: Zero Gravity Agenda begins with the total amount of 75 Giannis Antetokounmpo that players can earn after winning the game. For the next five weeks, players must use the card they received the previous day to receive the next day’s prize. Vit Krejci from Oklahoma City Thunder has a Day 2 bonus that can be obtained by using the Day 1 Antetokounmpo card in the challenge and has a total score of 76.

Adding depth to the content of Season 6, NBA 2K22 has also released a new series package called Takeoff Metamorphosis after the successful release, and it includes some prestigious units that players don’t want to miss. Available for one week only and limited to five packs, each pack includes a guaranteed boot-themed card that gives any player a huge extra kick to MyTeam. Among the teams: were Dark Matter Glen Rice (99 in total), Galaxy Opal Victor Oladipo (98 in total), Pink Diamond Jalen Suggs (96 in total), and Diamond Joel Embiid (94 in total). Starting next week, a new event exchange will also be available and players can work to earn the HOF Limitless Spot-Up badge.

NBA 2K22 has a new compartment code that allows players to collect free items, as they usually do with the release of any serial package. Code MyTEAM-ZERO-GRAVITY-E9WIY gives each player a free Zero Gravity Pack or Diamond Boot Booster. Treasury codes in NBA 2K22 are always a great bonus for players, allowing them to unlock a free package in the hopes of getting one of the game’s latest cards. Players can also use Diamond Shoe Boost if they wish, but most of the player base prefers to risk a Gacha-type system and pull someone who can affect their team immediately. Season 6: Zero Gravity doesn’t mind adding depth to the player list, as new challenges are constantly emerging.

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