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​NBA 2K23: All Takeovers Guide

Aug-25-2022 PST

Your player will become more unique as a consequence of a takeover, which will enhance particular talents and qualities.

By using a takeover, you may set your player apart from his rivals and subsequently improve certain talents and traits. But in order to play well in NBA 2K23 and reach your full potential, you'll need to learn a lot more. You can achieve this level of performance with this guide, though.

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Let's explore all the takeovers to boost specific attributes and skills of your players:

    • Mamba Mentality: The Takeover abilities can be changed before you play any game so that you can customize them accordingly.

    • Post Shot Daggers: With better hooking, fading, shimmy shots, and the like, there will be a greater chance of scoring.

    • Advanced Post Moves: You can beat defenders with post moves much easier than with other moves.

    • Post Playmaking: Passing out of the post is a great opportunity to boost your teammates' offensive abilities.

    • Power Backdowns: Posting up and pushing defenders around is easier when you have the ball in your hands.

    • Glass Clearing Dimes: A kickback pass after a rebound can boost your teammate's shooting by giving him more time to make his shot.

    • See the Future: It shows the position where missed shots will land after they are taken.

    • Boxout Wall: It increases the ability of the border to seal off opponents for easy access to the board.

    • Interior Badge Drop: It reduces the tier of paint that the opponent's scoring badges are placed on.

    • Paint Intimidation: Improves your ability to make an impact around the rim while playing NBA.

    • Stuff Blocks: A few more backboards, swat pins, and grab blocks are unlocked.

    • Enhanced Jump Shot Contests: It will increase your ability to participate in jumper contests.

    • Perimeter Badge Drop: Whenever you get close to the badge, you are knocked down a tier.

    • Extreme Clamps: We may see more stone walls and the resolution of missing dribble body-ups for locks in the future.

    • Team Badge Boost: You can boost the badges of your teammates by one tier by using this hack.

    • Team Takeover Boost: Increase your teammates' takeover progress by boosting the takeover meter.

    • Team Ratings Boost: Boosting the offensive ratings of their teammates is the responsibility of playmakers.

    • Spot-Up Precision: Stabilizes stationary jump shots by maximizing the effect of well-timed/aimed jump shots.

    • Limitless Range: This extension extends the range of your shooting to the logos of the company.

    • Negative Impact: Defends against pull-ups and other skill shots more effectively.

    • Ankle breaking Shots: Spin and step back jumpers are being used as ankle breakers a lot more these days.

    • Pull-Up Precision: Improves the quality of shots taken off the dribble when they are well-timed and aimed.

    • Easy Blowbys: Provides slashers with better chances of beating defenders off the dribble by making them more efficient.

    • Finishing Moves: In the event of contact, it can absorb the shock and close at the rim.

    • Advanced Gathers: Improves euros, hop steps, spins, and cradle gathers in order to be more effective.

In the most recent iterations, after sequentially filling the primary, secondary, and Team Takeover meters, a player would activate Team Takeover for the whole team and make everyone hot. With a single meter shared by the whole team, Team Takeover in NBA 2K23 functions as a cooperative team system.

By contributing well on the court and being a good teammate, each member of the team gets an equal share of the workload. Team Takeover begins after each player has used up their respective half of the meter. The new design makes a lot more sense and does a much better job of capturing what it means to be an elite squad and to win the game as a whole.

Final Thoughts

A takeover meter was a meter that, in the past, would be filled up with three bars for the overall team when it came to takeovers. Currently, the game is in the form of a cooperative team system, with each player contributing to a "bucket" for the takeover. As soon as all players have filled up, a takeover will take place.