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NBA 2K23: Anthony Davis Build + 100 Block In Game

Apr-26-2023 PST

Are you an avid NBA 2K player looking for a dominant build? Have you tried the Anthony Davis build but weren't completely satisfied? Well, fear not, as there is a new four-way dimer bill that could be just what you need. In this article, we will break down the build and show you how it can help you dominate the game.

The Anthony Davis build, which is a two-way finisher, is undoubtedly one of the most popular builds in the game. It has great defensive and rebounding attributes, but it can be a little weak when it comes to shooting. The four-way dimer build is a variation of the Anthony Davis build that addresses this weakness while still maintaining the defensive and rebounding strengths.

Body Setting

To make the four-way dimer build, you will need to select the power forward position and choose the physical profile with the highest vertical and strength. The build should be 6'9" or 6'10" in height, and the weight should be set at 210 lbs. This will give you a good balance between speed, strength, and vertical. For the attributes, max out the finishing, defense/rebounding, and playmaking categories. The shooting attributes should be a little lower, with a 75 rating for the three-point shot.

Essential Badge

The badges are essential to the success of this build. You should have at least 25 defensive badges and 10 playmaking badges. The must-have defensive badges include Intimidator, Rim Protector, Clamps, and Rebound Chaser. On the other hand, the playmaking badges should include Dimer, Floor General, Unpluckable, and Handles for Days.

Four-way Dimer

The four-way dimer build is incredibly versatile and can be played in any game mode. Whether you are playing in the park, rec center, or pro-am, this build will help you dominate. The 99 block and 93 defensive rebound ratings make it an excellent option for the center position, and the 75 three-point shot rating will allow you to stretch the floor and hit open shots.

One of the most significant advantages of the four-way dimer build is its ability to playmake. The build has a 93 passing accuracy rating, which means you can make precise passes to your teammates. With Dimer and Floor General badges you can boost the shooting abilities of your teammates, making them even more deadly on the offensive end. Moreover, the build also has a high ball handle rating, allowing you to break down defenders and get to the rim.

To further maximize the potential of this build, you can use a jump shot like O'Shea Brissett, Larry Bird, or Michael Jordan. These jump shots have a high release point, making it difficult for defenders to contest your shot. With a quick release, you can also get your shot off before the defender has a chance to react.

Final Thoughts

A four-way dimer build is an excellent option for NBA 2K players looking for a versatile build that can dominate on both ends of the court. With its high defensive and rebounding attributes, along with its playmaking abilities, this build can be played in any game mode. Its 75 three-point shot rating and high ball handling make it an even more potent threat on the offensive end. So, if you're looking to take your game to the next level, give the four-way dimer build a try.

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