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NBA 2K23 Champions Edition: Worth It

Jul-19-2022 PST

Few things are certain in the video game industry, but one thing fans can usually count on is a new NBA 2K release every year, followed by NBA 2K23.

The series now has 23 main titles, and 2K appears to have begun preparations for the release of NBA 2K23 on Friday, September 9, 2022. The company also revealed that Chicago Bulls icon Michael Jordan will be featured on the cover. Two athletes "2K23" Special Edition.

"After making the number 23 the most memorable number in sports, it's only fitting that we introduce the NBA 2K23 version of Michael Jordan," said Alfie Brody, Director of Global Marketing Strategy.

Additionally, we're excited to introduce an all-new premium version of the game, NBA 2K23 Championship Edition, where no other player represents the word "champion" quite like Jordan. "

This is Jordan's fourth appearance for the team. He has also appeared in NBA 2K11, NBA 2K12, and NBA 2K16 special editions.

Jordan Challenge is a special mode included in NBA 2K11 that allows players to recreate ten of Jordan's most famous moments. According to 2K, both NBA 2K23's Michael Jordan Edition and Championship Edition will return to this mode.

Jordan Challenge includes many qualifiers as well as 10 classic games. All 10 original challenges in NBA 2K11 have been rebuilt from the ground up, and this year they return with five new iconic Jordan moments for a whole new generation of players, according to a statement from 2K.

NBA 2K23 is coming, and those who choose the expensive Tournament Edition will be handsomely rewarded. The package includes one year of NBA League Pass and much more.

Considering the monthly fees for League Pass, it's a pretty good deal if you play NBA 2K every year and are an obsessive NBA watcher. The Michael Jordan-themed card is only included in the Championship Edition and is available in limited quantities. It also includes all other add-ons.

For serious NBA fans, Champions Edition of 2K23 is the way to go. According to a statement from 2K, it's a limited edition that includes the Jordan Challenge. Those who bought it also get a membership to NBA League Pass, which allows them to watch basketball live.

Get a 12-month NBA League Pass membership that provides access to the league's official post-game streaming service for an entire calendar year. According to the NBA website, users will not be able to watch ESPN, ABC, TNT or NBA TV games live, but will still have access to live broadcasts and archives of those games for three hours after the broadcast ends.

The league pass doesn't appear to be something the NBA sells separately. This release could offer fans a rare opportunity to use a streaming service without paying for the whole package.

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