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​NBA 2K23: DM Carmelo Anthony Locker Code Unveiled

May-23-2023 PST

The NBA 2K community received an unexpected surprise when 2K released a guaranteed free Dark Matter Carmelo Anthony locker code in My Team. This article delves into the excitement surrounding this locker code release and explores the significance of such codes in the 2K Community.

Unveiling the Locker Code

In a thrilling announcement, 2K revealed a simple and easy-to-use locker code for all players. Emphasizing the importance of more locker codes in the game. The locker code, "ThankYouMellow," unlocked a special Dark Matter Carmelo Anthony card, commemorating his retirement from the NBA.

Choosing the Right Version

Upon entering the locker code, players were granted access to two versions of the Carmelo Anthony card: a Diamond and a Pink Diamond. Both versions had the ability to evolve into Dark Matter cards. While the Pink Diamond initially boasted better stats, both cards would eventually reach Dark Matter level with identical attributes, badges, and animations.

Personal Preferences

The author expressed their personal preference for the Denver Nuggets version of Carmelo Anthony due to the historical battles between him and Kobe Bryant. However, they acknowledged the appeal of the New York Knicks version as well. Ultimately, it was up to the player to decide which version resonated with them the most.

Card Evolution

Players discovered that both the Diamond and Pink Diamond Carmelo Anthony cards could evolve into Dark Matter through a specific set of requirements. By scoring 22 points with either version, the cards would unlock their full potential as Dark Matter. The article also shared the upgraded attributes and badges gained through the evolution process, showcasing the card's impressive capabilities.

An Auction House Market

While the initial release was a free locker code, players who missed out on the code could still acquire the card through the auction house. However, overpaying for NBA 2K MT is not recommended due to potential price manipulation. As demand for the card increased, prices began to stabilize, making it more accessible to interested players.

Community Reactions and Future Expectations

Acknowledged the positive response from the NBA 2K community regarding the locker code release. It encouraged 2K to continue providing more locker codes in the future, especially when they are tied to real-world NBA events and milestones. Also mentioned the possibility of future Dark Matter versions or even an Invincible Carmelo Anthony card.

Final Thoughts

The NBA 2K23 locker code release of Dark Matter Carmelo Anthony created a wave of excitement among players. This article discussed the simple process of obtaining the card, the evolution to Dark Matter, and the personal preferences of players when choosing between the Denver Nuggets and New York Knicks versions. It highlighted the importance of locker codes in maintaining player engagement and expressed optimism for more exciting releases in the future.