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NBA 2K23 Free MT Giveaway By NBA2king In Sep

Sep-23-2022 PST

It's been half a month since the official release of NBA 2K23, and to celebrate this time four players are coming to MyTEAM tomorrow. We have prepared 1.4 Million NBA 2K23 Free MT to thank new and old customers for their long-term support. Follow NBA2king's official Twitter. Participating in the event will have the opportunity to get free MT. I wish you all the lucky winners! This event will yield 7x 200K winners.

Enter now:

    ✔ Follow @NBA2KingService & Retweet & Like

    ✔ Tag 2 friends & Reply with Cheap MT Seller

All winners will be announced over the weekend! Please stay tuned on Twitter @NBA2KingService!

Details here: https://bit.ly/3SpW0HF

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