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NBA 2K23: Get 95 OVR Card Larry Nance on MyTeam

Jan-17-2023 PST

The NBA 2K23 Lunar New Year event in MyTeam continues with a new acquisition challenge on January 16th. The grand prize for the final challenge is a 95 OVR card from former Cavaliers star Larry Nance as the grand prize. So how do you get a total of 95 Nance? Let's look at the requirements.

How to get Shawn Marion on MyTeam

Like Takeover Shawn Marion, MyTeam players must complete six separate agendas to earn a total of 95 Larry Nances. These agendas contain objectives that must be completed in one of the various online and offline MyTeam modes.

Here are all six agendas and the awards for each:

    • Get 10 dunks in multiple Triple Threat Offline games (reward is a shoe prize pack)

    • Make five dunks in multiple Triple Threat Online or Co-Op games (reward is a Badge prize pack)

    • Get 10 dunks in multiple Clutch Time Offline games (Reward is a Shoe Boost Pack)

    • Dunk five times in multiple Clutch Time Online games (reward is 500 MT Coins)

    • Make five dunks in multiple unlimited games (reward is the Finisher prize pack)

    • Get five dunks in multiple games of Limited (reward is 500 MT Coins)

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This challenge is a little different compared to other procurement challenges. In this event, all you need to do is not use the theme players, but dive into the various online and offline submodels of MyTeam.

To complete this Acquisition Challenge, you must complete an online game, including Triple Threat online or co-op, Clutch Time, Unlimited, and Offline. Bring your best man (Tacko Fall is a good choice) in these patterns and try to attack the goal. If you're looking for tips on Limited, check out our guide for tips on this week's gear order.

After completing all 6 challenges, players will receive 95 OVR Takeover Larry Nance. Remember, this is one of the cards you need for the Lunar New Year. You have until January 27th to get this card.