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NBA 2K23 Holiday Event Guide - Christmas Challenges, Rewards, and Tips

Dec-13-2022 PST

NBA 2K23 will have a new holiday or Christmas event starting on December 13th. 16 new reward cards will be updated in MyTEAM. Complete the Agenda to earn 15 cards, redeemable for new Galaxy Opal cards. A new player card is released every weekday from December 12th to 30th. Now, check out our NBA 2K23 Christmas event guide for the festive agenda, challenges, rewards and tips.

NBA 2K23 Christmas Event Agenda

To earn your NBA 2K23 Christmas event rewards, simply head over to the season calendar and check out the "Happy Holidays" challenge. For example, on day 1, after completing the entire group, you will receive the diamond shoe bag. New agendas and rewards are added every weekday for you to complete, except Saturdays and Sundays.

NBA 2K23 Christmas Event Tips

We'd get several different rubies of the same whole, several different diamonds of the same whole, and several different amethysts of the same whole. Rewards will continue to come to NBA 2K23 MyTEAM, and with more takeover agendas available in Season 3, you'll have even more opportunities to earn rewards. All we need to do is play the game to pick up the first card, Jaylen Brown, and he'll be the first player you need. Playing the game will be very easy.

NBA 2K23 Christmas Event Rewards

This was a nice bonus during the Season 3 Christmas break. So this will be an NBA 2K23 Christmas event reward. 15 new bonus cards all free, lock the Galaxy Opal, Merry Christmas. Free Galaxy Opal for collecting all these 2K23 Christmas players, which by the way will be a new player.

Definitely a fantastic start to having Jaylen Brown. He is useful to everyone in MyTEAM. This card is fantastic, probably the best shooting guard in the game for a Ruby card who can basically do anything on the court. As we head into Christmas, with weekly MyTEAM limits, you must use Ruby. If you want to win in clutch situations, Ruby Jaylen Brown might help you because he's a very reliable guy that you can play with in clutch situations, offline triple threats, etc.

So we start with Ruby Jalen Brown, who can play a role to complete the agenda and get 15 cards that can be used to get the final Galaxy Opal card.

NBA2king will continue to update more NBA 2K23 MyTEAM Christmas challenges and rewards. Also if you need to buy NBA 2K23 MT, NBA2king sells cheap legal NBA MT coins! All platforms are supported!