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​NBA 2K23: How does layup affect dunk?

Nov-21-2022 PST

So it's just guesswork, can't put numbers on it or make any statements, at least for me, there's no reliable way to test this, and there are just too many variables.

But is it just me or does it look like the layup bag affects the dunk? For example, on my 6'4, I feel like I'm getting more layups when I'm equipped with certain packages, like Kyrie or Morant, than when I'm equipped with things like Westbrook or the default swing.

It's hard to quantify because your defenders, the composition of your team, the opposing team's interior defenders, and their attributes and badges all play a role from game to game.

I tried it with the same badge, gold poster, slippery, infinity, acrobat, dreadnought, and giant slayer, I also tried it with hough's giant slayer and silver acrobat. I do know these layup badges tend to get you into the layup animation more often, but as I said, I play the same way and control what I can. Still, I don't have any reliable way to test this for sure.

My understanding of how this game decides the animation is that it looks at your size, badges + stats, play, defender's badges + stats + size, speed + power and drive quality, and takes those things and your input into account, It decides what it thinks is the best animation in this situation.

For some layup packs, I feel that the animations either start farther out so their activation interferes with the dunk animation, or are deemed more appropriate for the situation. I have a lot of drives and I can go down quickly and easily, but by sticking forward and JA Morant I get 360 layups. Or the same thing, but with Kyrie, I got fake dunk layups.

Again, this is just a guess. I've seen countless people say they feel like they're getting more dunks when they equip the default swing, which may have something to do with simpler animations that lead to more frequent finishes and something to do with the gorgeousness you miss Compared to animation, they are less memorable. I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts.

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