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NBA 2K23: How to Create the Four-Way GOAT Build

Apr-19-2023 PST

NBA 2K23 has been out for a while now, and players have been busy creating their own MyPlayers to dominate the virtual court. But, one build has been causing quite a stir among players: the four-way GOAT build. This seven-foot-three center build is so powerful that it has broken the game, allowing players to perform moves that were previously impossible. In this article, we will show you how to create the four-way GOAT build and how to dominate the court.

First, let's go over what makes this build so special. The four-way GOAT build is a glitched build that allows players to perform moves that they would not be able to do with a regular build. With this build, you can get ankle breakers, contact dunks, snatch blocks, and fade from anywhere on the floor. You can also body everyone in the paint, making it impossible for anyone to score on you. This build is also glitched, allowing you to glitch any animation on it, making it even more powerful.

To create the four-way GOAT build, you need to follow some specific steps. First, create a new build and select "yes" when the pop-up appears, asking if you want to create this as your saved rebirth player. Next, set your position to center, and your handedness doesn't matter. When creating this build, you need to be careful not to mess up, as it can be costly. According to repexual, you need to follow these exact steps to create the four-way GOAT build:

   • Set your height to seven-foot-three

   • Set your weight to 230 pounds

   • Bring your close shot up to 97 overall

   • Bring your driving layup up to 66

   • Bring your driving dunk up to 80

   • Bring your standing dunk up to 90

   • Bring your post control up to 84

   • Bring your mid-range up to 78

   • Bring your three-point shot up to 77

   • Leave your free throw at 57

   • Put one upgrade on speed with ball

   • Bring your interior defense up to 88

   • Bring your perimeter defense up to 63

   • Leave your steal at 42

   • Bring your block up to 99

Following these steps will give you the four-way GOAT build, which is the most powerful build in NBA 2K23. With this build, you can dominate the court and show off your skills to your friends and opponents.

Now that you have created the four-way GOAT build, let's talk about what you should upgrade first. The first thing you should upgrade is your badges. With 26 finishing and 18 shooting badges, you can dominate the court with ease. Next, you should upgrade your attributes to a 90 overall. This will make you even more powerful on the court and allow you to dominate your opponents.

When it comes to takeovers, there are a few options that work well with the four-way GOAT build. The first is the rim takeover, which allows you to block shots with ease and dominate the paint. The second is the post takeover, which allows you to dominate your opponents in the post with ease. Finally, the shot creator takeover allows you to fade from anywhere on the floor and make impossible shots.

For the jump shot, the player recommends using jump shot 98, as it's currently one of the most overpowered jump shots in the game. As for animations, the player recommends using the pro dribble style, pro 2 size-up package, and big man contact dunk package.

So, why is this build causing such a stir in the NBA 2K23 community? Well, it's simple. The player behind the build claims that it's virtually unstoppable. With the ability to get ankle breakers, contact dunks, snatch blocks, fade from anywhere on the floor, and body everybody in the paint, this build is a force to be reckoned with. It's the ultimate build for anyone who wants to dominate the game and have some fun doing it.

However, not everyone is happy about this build. Some players are calling for it to be nerfed, as it's simply too overpowered. Others are embracing the challenge and trying to figure out ways to stop it. Whatever your opinion on the matter, there's no denying that the four-way goat is currently the most talked-about build in NBA 2K23.

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