​NBA 2K23: How to increase NBA level fast?

Oct-03-2022 PST

Players have to complete weekly challenges and various other activities to increase the level of their custom characters in the NBA 2K series. You have to level up your character over the course of the season. The season lasts for approximately two months, and there are forty levels in each season. When you hit the max level, you will get a chance to unlock the exclusive reward of the season. There is a community mode for the gaming community in NBA 2K23 myteam called “The City.”

Only players who are enjoying the game on the latest generation of gaming consoles can access this community mode. There is my career section, along with a built-in athlete builder in this mode. In the athlete builder, you can build your dream athlete by choosing the desired skills and abilities. You start with a custom character who you can train to make a basketball legend in NBA 2K23.

Compared to the previous NBA 2K titles, the size of the city was decreased, so players could travel to different locations effortlessly. They can also search for progression points on the built-in map. Various new locations are added to the city map.

One of those new buildings is called block, where you can view all the available activities and deal with them accordingly. Increasing your level can be a hard task if you don’t have a clear strategy. To help you level up quickly in NBA 2K23, here are a few tips.  

Ways to increase NBA level quickly

You need experience points to level up in NBA 2K23, and you can earn experience points through the above-mentioned methods.

Complete daily challenges

Compared to all the other leveling methods, completing daily challenges is one of the best methods, and it helps you earn a good amount of experience points in a short time. At the end of each day, previous challenges will be removed whether you have completed them or not, and new challenges will be added afterward. Most of these challenges require you to play a specific number of matches or take part in other activities. If you complete all the available challenges, you can earn more than four hundred experience points every day.  

Complete weekend challenges

Weekend challenges are similar to daily challenges, and the only difference is that new challenges will be added after a week. These challenges are difficult, but you will have a week to complete them, and they reward players with a lot more experience points. By completing all the available weekly challenges, you can earn more than six thousand experience points in a week which is pretty good.

Complete seasonal challenges

Your ultimate goal is to reach level forty in each season of NBA 2K23 to get the highest tier rewards, such as tokens, NBA 2K23 MT, and diamond players. Each season features challenges that you have to complete, but they are optional, and you will have sixty days to complete them. They will be removed after the season ends, and new challenges will be available when the season is launched. You should work on them from time to time.

There are tip-off challenges in every season, and they are similar to seasonal challenges in many ways. Most of these challenges require you to play the game. Along with experience points, you will also earn cosmetic items and other stuff by completing these challenges, which are a bonus. You need cosmetic items to make your character stand out. Install new upgrades to boost up stats of your dream basketball player.

Check the event schedule

To help players in keeping track of upcoming as well as ongoing events in the NBA, the game features a complete schedule. You should check the event schedule from time to time to learn about new events. Sometimes, events provide players with double experience points, so you should never miss these events at any cost. Recently, there was an event called Happy 2K Day event which doubled up all the experience points.

Activate double XP tokens

If you wanna level up your character in a short time, even if it requires you to spend some money. You should start by using the double experience point tokens. As the name suggests, these tokens double all the experience points for a short time. You can go to the built-in NBA store to purchase these double experiences point tokens.

Some lockers also reward these XP tokens, and they can be acquired by achieving a specific level in every season. To get the most out of this paid item, you should wait for the double experience point event and use both of them at the same time. This way, you can gain four times more experience points compared to normal grinding.

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