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NBA 2K23 launches its Season 3: Some New Content

Dec-02-2022 PST

Trae Young is the star of NBA 2K23 Season 3, which includes news for MyTEAM and MyCAREER modes among other things.

NBA 2K23 has been updated with new content since it came out, and now it's about to receive one of the biggest patches. We are referring to Season 3, which will bring not only new gameplay, but also new content for MyTeam, MyCareer, and more. Here we tell you everything about it.

Season 3 of NBA 2K23 is titled "Cold Blooded" and is available right now as a free update. It has Trae Young as the lead, due to his incredible start to the season with the Atlanta Hawks.

NBA 2K23: What's New with MyCAREER in Season 3

The theme of this new season is Christmas, and that is why The City and The G.O.A.T. Boat will have festive decorations, including icy courts and holiday outfits. There are several new events, as well as accessories related to the holidays and Trae Young is ready to get them.

NBA 2K23: What's new with MyTEAM in Season 3

In this mode, we can enjoy new rewards, including a Damian Lillard Free Agent and a Trae Young Galaxy Opal, as rewards for level 1 and level 40 respectively. For the first time in NBA 2K23, we will have rewards beyond that level, in addition to the fact that we can get Tim Duncan and Julius Erving. Also, you can buy NBA 2K23 MT, then use it to get card.

NBA 2K23: What are the gameplay changes in Season 3

Player creation in the next-gen version of NBA 2K23 has changed, as there are new ways to earn badges as you progress with your character. These are the new paths to take:

• 2 Finishing, 1 Playmaking, 1 Defending/Rebounding

• 2 Shooting, 1 Playmaking, 1 Defending/Rebounding

• 1 Finishing, 2 Playmaking, 1 Defending/Rebounding

• 1 Finishing, 1 Playmaking, 2 Defending/Rebounding

In addition to all this, we have new content for The W Online and songs from artists like Lil Pump and Jovanie on the soundtrack. All of this content is already available in the new NBA 2K23 update.