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​NBA 2K23 MyPLAYER Build System - How To Make The Best Build In NBA 2K23

Aug-09-2022 PST

On September 9th, NBA 2K23 will be released. However, we are always considering the NBA 2K23 builder system and the build that we will create.

It's not just a way to entice people to play the game when it comes to the most crucial item for 2K23 at first, which is the thing that 2K has to do right. So that players would want to continue and play the game regularly and with nice incentives. You must master the NBA 2K23 MyPLAYER building system, which is the most crucial component. When 2K23 was released, a lot of players started creating short builds straight immediately so they could speed boost quickly, make threes, and generally engage in a furious attacking style.

But we are creating a crazy construct for 2K23 that can shoot, dunk, and most importantly, play that strong defense. While creating builds "MT Coins" is very important, you must have a bulk quantity to create builds to enhance the skills level of players quickly for this purpose. Suppose you want where NBA 2K23 MT For Sale, nba2king is the best place to explore for this purpose.

NBA 2K23: MyPLAYER Build System

A build that can shoot, dribble, and get a pretty excellent defense is something that 2K can modify. Why is it that the playmaking shot-creator just needs 70 driving dunks to get the finest ones in the game?

If there is a solution for that, and you make a 6'5 play shot, and they start making 6'6 play shots, you still win in 2K21 and 2K22. Now they have to create taller, slower guards. One's only one victory in that particular category; mismatch expert won't do quite as well or in other ways. Every place shot in the game utilizes rapid drops, an incredible slam that nearly never gets blocked.

Learn About Rapid Drops

To unlock the rapid drops in NBA 2K23, you must obtain a driving dunk score of 75. Now, every player understands that while their build will allow them to shoot and dribble extremely well, they won't be able to make any beautiful dunks if they enter the paint. They will have more opportunities to be thwarted. In competitive current-generation games, it doesn't actually happen that frequently, but it is horrible in next-generation games.

There are several various approaches you may use to adjust the rating you need to access these animations. Like raising the minimum ball handle requirement for rapid drop dunks to 75 or for the finest dribble moves to 95, which lowers the ball handle characteristics that a playmaking shot creator will receive in exchange for their excellent shooting. You may split and balance the game in so many different ways. In a manner similar to NBA 2K22, no build would be so radical as to stand out in a competitive setting.

What are Dribbling Moves?

Why do they have access to the same dribbling moves as a pure playmaker? Making a pure playmaker and a shot developer who can create a plane are identical. The identical ball handle is still gotten about. The pie chart that plays shots using the green and yellow is still expected to achieve something like an 85-ball control and obtain really good dribble motions, but 2K has to find a means to distinguish between a pure playmaker and a play shot. Making a playmaker requires a motivator of some kind. Why not include a 95 or a 99-ball handle option? As a result, a build like a pure playmaker might stand alone from a play shot and provide you with a justification for not using it.

NBA 2K23: MyPlayer Best Builds

For NBA 2K23, this build is exactly what we require. This shooting guard build in NBA 2K23, which includes 7 finishing, 11 shooting, 21 playmaking, and 17 defensive badges, is overpowering overall based on these numbers. No matter how your body is shaped. Just between, at the sweet spot, is where you want to be for height. That gets significantly reduced by your weight. You also can't go wrong with a slasher take on wingspan, so why wouldn't you want to max that out as well?

Build Settings For NBA 2K23

  • Takeover: Slasher

  • Wingspan: 80.5"

  • Weight: 175 lbs

  • Height: 6'4"

Build Attributes For NBA 2K23 Rebounding/Defense

  • Defensive - 69

  • Offensive Rebound - 41

  • Block - 37

  • Steal - 90

  • Lateral Quickness - 85

  • Perimeter Defense - 85

  • Interior Defense – 40


  • Post Control - 46

  • Ball Handle - 85

  • Pass Accuracy – 86


  • Post Fade - 68

  • Free Throw - 82

  • Three-Point Shot - 66

  • Mid-Range Shot - 74


  • Post Hook - 30

  • Standing Dunk - 32

  • Driving Dunk - 78

  • Driving Layup - 84

  • Close Shot - 84

Final Thoughts

The pick and roll with a guard who can shoot and dribble well have been the theme every year. A playmaking shot maker or a play sharp has always been the same thing under a new name. That has always been the meta and will always be the meta. The playmaking shot maker is by far the most competitively effective meta build in the game this year.