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NBA 2K23 MyTeam Mobile: What to Expect from the Latest Update

Mar-25-2023 PST

If you're a fan of NBA 2K23 MyTeam Mobile, you might have noticed a recent big update that dropped earlier today. The update requires players to download an additional 9.22 gigabytes, which hints at a lot of changes to the game. So, what's new in this latest update, and what can players expect?

First of all, if you check out the challenges or skill challenges, you'll notice that you can now get a free amethyst 91 overall Pau Gasol. All you need to do is make a double-double with any player and win the game. It's a great addition that should make the game more exciting and rewarding.

When you boot up the game, you'll also notice that it feels much smoother than before. The controls have been updated, and there's now a ball popping up whenever you click something. It's a small addition, but it adds a nice touch to the game's overall feel.

One of the biggest changes in this latest update is the addition of a new option in the video settings: FPS Gap. If you have a flagship device with a new eight-gen chip for Snapdragon, you can turn off the cap limit and get 120 FPS if you have a 120 Hz display. However, this feature is only available for gaming phones, so not everyone will be able to try it out.

In terms of gameplay, the face scans have been updated, and some hairstyles have been fixed. The FPS is also smoother than before, making for a more enjoyable gaming experience. The controls have been changed, with the love pass and box out buttons removed, and the directional button feeling weird. However, players will likely get used to the new controls over time.

Despite the changes to the controls, gameplay remains largely the same. Players can still dominate on the court, as demonstrated in the gameplay video shared by one player. They were able to use the new controls to set picks and run fast breaks, ultimately winning the game. Even with the changes to the controls, the player was still able to dominate.

Overall, the latest update to NBA 2K23 MyTeam Mobile brings a range of changes and improvements that players are sure to appreciate. From the addition of a new option in the video settings to the free Pau Gasol, the game is more exciting and rewarding than ever before. If you haven't downloaded the latest update yet, now is the time to do so and check out all the new features and changes for yourself.

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