NBA 2K23 MyTEAM Ultimate Guide: Modes, Cards, Trophy Case, and New Features

Oct-14-2022 PST

NBA 2K23 features a new card-collecting mode called MyTeam, which was also featured in previous NBA 2K titles. In this mode, players are tasked with collecting packs by completing challenges. It is a pretty big mode, so here is everything that you need to know about it.

All the available cards are divided into colors based on their rating. The minimum rating is sixty-seven, while the maximum is seventy-seven. If you want to purchase NBA 2K23 myteam cards, use currency or NBA 2K23 MT at the auction house as well as at the pack market. Here is the rating of all the cards according to their color.

  • Gold: 67-79 OVR

  • Emerald: 80-83 OVR

  • Sapphire: 84-86 OVR

  • Ruby: 87-89 OVR

  • Amethyst: 90-91 OVR

  • Diamond: 92-93 OVR

  • Pink Diamond: 95-96 OVR

  • Galaxy Opal: 97-98 OVR

  • Dark Matter: 99 OVR

You start with just one card in MyTeam mode, and three options are available, including Joel Embiid, Ja Morant, and Jimmy Butler. You can upgrade them to a maximum of Ruby color. After you maximize a card, you can unlock the new card. To get better cards, you have to log in to MyTeam mode every day. The game provides you with a free wheel spin.

Game Modes

MyTeam features online and offline gameplay modes to increase your chances of earning better player cards, tokens, MT, and other rewards. Offline MyTeam modes are triple threat, domination, domination challenges, and clutch time. Here is more information about these game modes.

1. Domination

Domination is a 5v5 where you compete against five computer players. Each domination game provides you with three stars, and there is a total of thirty-three games, so you can earn a total of ninety-nine stars. There is a grand prize at the end for the winner.

Here are the five tiers of the domination mode.

  • Tier 1: Amethyst Julius Randle

  • Tier 2: Diamond Mitch Richmond

  • Tier 3: Diamond Mike Bibby

  • Tier 4: Diamond Bill Walton

  • Tier 5: Pink Diamond John Havlicek

2. Clutch Time

Clutch time is a fast-paced multiplayer mode with new rules, including five minutes time, two timeouts, sudden death overtime, a fourteen-second shot clock, etc. Clutch time was so popular that developers had to add it to the offline game as well. It features ten tiers, and each tier features ten games. After each win, spin the wheel for a Diamond Lamar Odom card as a reward.

3. Triple Threat

Triple Threat is a 3v3 mode in 2K23 where you can play 250 games. Each game features MT, shoe boosts, shoe colorways, and tokens. Diamond Lamar Odom is in the vaults that you can open after winning a game.

4. Challenges

Various challenges are available in MyTeam, including spotlight challenges, skill challenges, signature challenges, and the pick-up challenge. As the name suggests, the skill challenge puts your basketball skills to the test. There is a 5v5 challenge called the pick-up challenge. Spotlight challenges feature various small challenges that you can complete for the jackpot. Complete the seasonal signature challenge to earn shoes, shoe boosts, and a hall of fame badge, along with other rewards.

5. Triple Threat Online & Co-op

It is the multiplayer version of triple Threat with a separate reward board. The reward board will reset when you have ten consecutive wins or three consecutive losses. There are three tiers of prizes, and these tiers increase as you win more games. You can tackle challenges in triple Threat online with six friends.

6. Unlimited

Unlimited is the classic 5v5 multiplayer mode where you earn points based on wins. As you earn more points, you clear tiers, and your goal is to reach the dark matter tier. Check the leaderboards for your rank. Earn promo packs, MT, trophy rewards, and tokens, more. Get a chance to open the Vault after each win.

7. Clutch Time Online

Clutch Time Online is the multiplayer version of the original Clutch Time. All the rewards and other stuff are the same here, and the only difference is that you will play against real players instead of the computer. Earn Diamond Lamar Odom from the wheel after each win.

8. Limited

Limited is a 5v5 fast-paced mode where you earn a championship ring after each win. Collect rings for six weeks to get an option pack of players.

9. Draft

In draft mode, you create your team using two players' power forward, shooting guard, point guard, small forward, recent promo pack, and center coach to create your team. Win Diamond Lamar Odom by moving up on the board.

By winning all the matches, you can earn more than one hundred and fifty thousand experience points before the season ends. You will be able to get a Pink Diamond card named Scottie Pippen after you reach the experience points mark. Also, you can buy 2K23 MT at NBA2king.