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​NBA 2K23 Playoff EVO Cards: Upgrades and Their Worth

May-03-2023 PST

In NBA 2K23 MyTeam mode, where players can assemble a team of their favorite players from any era to compete against other players' teams. One of the exciting aspects of MyTeam is that the players' ratings and abilities can improve through the Evolution (EVO) card system. Three players have been given playoff EVO cards, and one player's card is getting an upgrade. The players are James Harden, Malcolm Brogdon, and Nikola Jokic.

James Harden's Card Upgrade

Harden's card will not go up to the coveted Dark Matter tier but instead will go up to a 98 overall Galaxy Opal. Even though it is not a Dark Matter card, the upgrade is still significant. Defensively, he receives an upgrade of +8 to steel, +4 to interior defense, +3 to lateral quickness, Hall of Fame Anchor, and Hall of Fame Glove. These defensive badges are a great addition to the card, although it may not seem like much of an upgrade. Additionally, his driving dunk increases by +10. This may not be a game-changer, but it will be noticeable in-game.

Looking at the animations, the upgrade to Harden's jump shot is significant. It has been put on very quick timing, making it even quicker and easier to time. His jump shot was already super knock-down, but now it will be even more consistent. He also has the normal leaner, which is much better than the leaner he had before, which was on pros.

All in all, Harden's card is a significant upgrade, even though it is not a Dark Matter card. It will be interesting to see if he gets another EVO in this series against the Celtics and if it leads to a Dark Matter card.

Malcolm Brogdon's Card Upgrade

Malcolm Brogdon's card will also go up to a 98 overall Galaxy Opal. His release will be on very quick timing, and he will get the John Wall to escape. Additionally, he will get his normal leaner. His card will not be the best point guard in the game, but it will be a cool upgrade to have.

Nikola Jokic's Card Upgrade

Finally, Nikola Jokic's card will go up to a Dark Matter version. This card will be the exact same as his out-of-position card. The only difference is that this one has his release at a very quick time. This card will be useful, especially when it comes to playing tall players on the squad. Jokic can even play the point guard position if there are other tall cards on the team, such as Taco Fall, Yao Ming, or Big Z.

Are the Playoff EVO Cards Worth Picking Up?

The question is, are these playoff EVO cards worth the investment with 2K MT? It depends on the player's priorities and how they play the game. For players who want to assemble a team of their favorite players and have a blast playing the game, the cards are worth picking up. The upgrades are significant, and it is always fun to see your favorite players improve.

On the other hand, for players who are looking to build a competitive team and climb the ranks, these cards may not be the best investment. These cards will not be game-changers, and there are other, better options in the game.


The new playoff EVO cards in NBA 2K23 offer some nice upgrades, but it ultimately depends on whether the cards are worth the investment. James Harden's card is the most significant upgrade of the three, with a decent defensive upgrade and a significant upgrade in his driving dunk. Malcolm Brogden's card is not as valuable, as he is not an elite point guard in the game and does not have many elite badges. Nikola Jokic's card is almost the same as his out-of-position card, with only a small upgrade in his jump shot.

Players who are fans of these players or are looking to build a team around them may find these cards worthwhile. However, players who are looking for elite players in the game may want to invest their NBA 2K23 MT elsewhere. Ultimately, it is up to the individual player to decide whether these new playoff EVO cards are worth investing in or not.