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NBA 2K23 Requires To Make Four Key Changes To Their Gameplay

Aug-16-2022 PST

We'd want to see a few things altered before the game is officially released. We can only hope that some of our suggestions are implemented. Let's see what these are!

August is almost approaching, which means that NBA 2K23 gameplay footage is now available for viewing. When the game is officially released, there are a few things we'd want to see altered first. Hopefully, some of our suggestions end up in the final product.

Here are the top four changes we want to see in NBA 2K23.

NBA 2K23: Four Changes to Gameplay

Although there isn't much information available regarding NBA 2K23 gameplay at this time, there have been a few rumors, including some possible leaks. This year, the game's speed, which is rumored to be substantially slower, is our biggest worry. A far more competitive and realistic game will result from this.

Many players, we're confident, already have an idea of what they hope to see from the NBA 2K23 gameplay. On the other hand, gamers who are ready to play the most waited game and want to create a brilliant team from the start of the gameplay require the quantity of NBA 2k23 MT to acquire players to build up strong teams and improve their gaming abilities.

Here are some changes we would like to see:

Added realism by slowing down the game

One of the big problems with NBA 2K22 was the ease with which the player could speed past defenders. There is the possibility in the NBA that something like this could occur, but there should be stamina penalties associated with it.

1.A stronger AI

Adding AI defense boosts to NBA 2K23's AI is one of the best ways to enhance the game's realism even further. In this way, you will not have to worry about constantly clicking on defenders, which will make your time more enjoyable.

2.Dribble spam no more

NBA 2K23 will certainly be a better gaming experience if it eliminates the dribble spam that is currently present in the game. Despite NBA 2K22 patching this into a slightly different way, the issue didn't seem to be fully resolved when I played the game.

3.The glitch in Side-to-Side Shooting

As part of a recent promotion from NBA 2K, the company was showing off gameplay from the NBA 2K22 League, which featured several players doing the same side-to-side motion before they shot and scored. When the gameplay of NBA 2K23 is revealed, this is one thing that should definitely be removed from the game.

NBA 2K23: Content schedule for August

During the content announcements in August, we'll get our first glimpse at NBA 2K23 in action. A thorough dive into gameplay is scheduled to be released initially. From there, we'll see additional MyTEAM and MyCAREER-related revelations, which may also show us what play will be like in The City. Given that we have only seen information on the game's editions, pricing, and pre-order bonuses, the August unveiling will undoubtedly provide more insight into the title.

  • Gameplay Trailer

  • Jordan Challenge

  • MyNBA

  • MyTEAM


  • The City

NBA 2k23: When's NBA 2K23 out?

Despite the release date of NBA 2K23 being set for September 9, 2022, there will not be any early access for the game, so fans will need to wait for the game to come out once it is released. In terms of pre-order rewards, however, there is a wide variety available depending on the edition that you purchase and when you place an order. Obviously, given that the Championship Edition costs $149.99, we'd advise against ordering it before you've played any NBA 2K23 games.

You'll get the following things if you purchase the NBA 2K23 Championship Edition:

  • NBA League Pass Subscription for One Year

  • Virtual Currency worth 100K

  • On MyTEAM Season Progression, 10% XP Increase

  • MyTEAM points 10K

  • MyTEAM Tokens 10

MyTEAM Promo Packs 23 (Get 10 when you initially start the game, along with an Amethyst topping pack, and two each week for the next six weeks)

  • Ruby Jordan Michael Cards and Sapphire Booker Devin, for MyTEAM

  • A single free agent option pack

  • 1 Ruby Coach Card Pack

  • 1 Diamond Jordan Shoe

  • Gain 10% more experience on MyCAREER's Season Progression

  • Centered around Michael Jordan's Go-Kart

  • Each MyCAREER Skill Boost type receives 10 boosts.

  • One 2-Hr Double XP Coin and 10 Boosts for each Gatorade Boost type

  • T-shirts with 4 Cover Stars

  • One bag and sleeved arms

  • One specially made Cover Star skateboard

Final Thoughts

NBA 2k22 might not have been the worst game ever, but there are still some major improvements that should be made, and four of them are discussed in this article. The upcoming NBA 2K23 game is the first to be released on the PS5 system. We are looking forward to an exciting line-up from the game this year.