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NBA 2K23 Season 3 "an icy winter front is approaching" has begun

Dec-05-2022 PST

The third season of "NBA 2K23", which 2K debuted last Friday, brought new content to MyCareer and The W, allowing players to experience the winter and festive atmosphere. Season three will also feature music from Grammy Award-winning producers Hit-Boy and Dom Kennedy, plus songs by Lil Pump and Jovaine, who debuted on 2K Beats.

In NBA 2K23 Season 3 "Winter Comes to the Stadium," Atlanta Hawks All-Star guard Trae Young will show his ruthless side, bringing a wealth of new rewards and new content, while bringing Basketball City (PS5/Xbox Series X|S) and G.O.A.T Boat (PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch/PC) become a winter paradise, allowing players to finish their opponents. Other updates include:

  • New additions to MyCareer include festive Arctic and Festive Events available at Basketball City and G.O.A.T. Boat, as well as new Freezing Court and Arctic artwork, as well as Level 39 rewards for PS5/Xbox Series X|S players, or PS4/Xbox Special Santa Claus costume rewarded at level 40 for One/Switch/PC players. The new core badge pattern is exclusive to PS5/Xbox Series X|S players who have reached level 40. In addition, players can also get rewards such as ski goggles, Trae Young 2 "forever young" sneakers, magic carpet cars and more.

  • MyTeam offers new rewards, including Damian Lillard, a Tier 1 reward for Free Agent, available simply by entering the Season Drawer, and Trae Young, the first-ever Galactic Opal Tier 40 reward. In addition, for the first time in 2K23, players will be able to go beyond level 40, giving players more agendas and opportunities to strengthen their teams. Those who complete the East or West trophy cabinet collection this season will now be able to earn Tim Duncan and Julius Erving, along with 15 other trophy cabinet central collections and other rare trophy cabinet event cards.

  • New additions to The W include revamped challenges, updated community rewards such as the Dream Sign MyTeam Card, and the Vicki Johnson Coach MyTeam Card. NBA 2K23 continues with the launch of 60 WNBA player jerseys in Basketball City and G.O.A.T. Boat's MyCareer. Season three will bring the jerseys of Dallas Wings star Arike Ogunbowale, New York Liberty standouts Natasha Howard and Sabrina Ionescu, and Washington Mystics players Elena Delle Donne and Natasha Cloud to the field.

  • 2K Beats continues to deliver new musical excitement, including the latest tunes from Grammy-winning producers Hit-Boy and Dom Kennedy, as well as new songs by Lil Pump and Jovanie, exclusive to 2K Beats in-game. Plus, the NBA 2K Producer Series adds beat tracks from renowned producers Kosine and JohnG. Players can use this beat music to record their own songs, play them in the game, and share them on social media.

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