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NBA 2K23 Season 6 Release Date, Rewards, and Others

Apr-06-2023 PST
Tag: NBA2king , NBA 2K

Season 6 of NBA 2K23 comes to its release this Friday, April 7. Season 6 is expected to see heroes rise to upend the competition and earn new and exciting rewards. With the NBA playoffs and WNBA season just around the corner, players will have the chance to be eternal heroes. Luka Dončić and Sue Bird both possess high basketball IQs and rare athleticism that shine in the clutch. The new season will allow players to follow in their footsteps and shoulder the burden of the team while earning a host of new rewards in The City (New Gen) and The G.O.A.T. The ship (current generation) is on its way to historic fame.


In MyCAREER mode, players will play the game and earn XP, working their way up from level 1 to level 40, and earning new rewards along the way. Season 6 is filled with player banners, jumper meters, and more, and ups the ante with well-crafted rewards. Rewards are:

     • Level 30 Jetpack (Next Generation) with new animations

     • Brand new green release animation

     • medieval armor set

     • Level 40 Glider (New Generation)

     • Goat Mascot (current generation)

The new season will also introduce new brands including Homage and MAYDE for players to choose from when customizing their MyPLAYER. Core Badge Pattern Pack 2 will be available as a Tier 39 reward in Season 6. Choose your favorite pattern, then equip the badge you want (completing the core challenge). The following core badge patterns are available:

     • 2 finishes, 1 field goal, 1 defense

     • 2 shots, 1 finisher, 1 defense

     • 2 playmakers, 1 finisher, 1 field goal

     • 2 defense, 1 shooting, 1 playmaker


Season 6 of MyTEAM will follow in the footsteps of last season by featuring returning heroes, new player reward cards throughout season levels, and top rewards in every single-player and multiplayer mode. The rewards are very rich:

    • The first reward at level 1: Shaquille O'Neal

    • Level 40: 99 overall, Dark Matter, Hero Hakeem Olajuwon

Players will have six weeks to complete the agenda and earn XP. Two Enhanced Hero Packs will also be released throughout Season 6 to help players progress.

The legendary Sue Bird, one of our season 6 featured athletes, will offer her hand-picked starting five to compete in this season's signature challenge. Over 25 new coach cards featuring WNBA players and legends. Build your roster and compete with these legends and player-coach cards from the WNBA starting with Season 6! The focus remains on new rewards and ways to earn XP to level up in MyTEAM.


In Season 6 of NBA 2K23, celebrate Bird’s legacy and get ready for the start of the WNBA season by chasing all-new rewards in W Online (her championship pedigree and record-setting stats make her the best basketball ever one of the athlete)! Pay homage to a legend and enjoy the next six weeks of exciting events on W Online! Below, you'll find a list of noteworthy rewards that you can earn and use to your advantage:

Weekly Goal

    • Arike Ogunbowale Heroine Edition Jersey

    • Team Accelerator, Team Resilience, and Team Extender Boosts

    • Wings Rebel Shorts

    • Nike Kobe V

Season Rewards

    • Chelsea Gray Jersey

    • Sandy Brondello T-Shirt

    • Chamique Holdsclaw T-Shirt

    • Sandy Brondello Coach Card

    • Clothing Bundles

Closing Notes: The new season promises to be filled with plenty of hero rewards and outfits to get players ready for the playoffs. With the NBA Playoffs looming, Season 6 of NBA 2K23 promises to be an exciting and competitive season.