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NBA 2K23: Season 6 Top Green Window Jumpshots

Apr-20-2023 PST
Tag: NBA 2K

If you're a basketball fan and you love playing NBA 2K23, you know that shooting is a fundamental part of the game. Shooting can make or break your chances of winning, and if you're not skilled at it, you're probably not having much fun. In this article, NBA2king will be discussing the best jump shots and tips for beginners to improve their shooting skills in NBA 2K23 Season 6.

Before we dive into the best jump shots and pull-ups, we need to address an essential aspect of shooting: settings. One setting that is crucial to your success in shooting is the "very late" setting. Set this to "very late" and avoid using visual cues when shooting. Instead, focus on your player's overall feel and cue to develop your shooting rhythm. This approach will enable you to master the feeling and increase your success rate. Remember, shooting is more than visual cues and animation; it's about understanding your player's overall feel.

Another critical aspect of shooting is badges. In NBA 2K23, badges are essential to success in shooting. We recommend getting the shooting badges first to improve your shooting ability. Here are the top four badges for shooting:

   • Catch and Shoot - this badge helps you hit shots when you catch the ball and shoot immediately.

   • Deadeye - this badge increases your chances of hitting contested shots.

   • Green Machine - this badge rewards you with a boost to your shot-making ability when you hit green releases consecutively.

   • Hot Zone Hunter - this badge increases your shooting percentage in your hot zones, which are specific areas on the court where you have a high success rate.

Now that we've covered settings and badges, let's move on to the best jump shots and pull-ups for NBA 2K23. In this guide, we will provide you with three jump shots and one pull-up that you can use to improve your shooting skills.

The Holy Trinity

The Holy Trinity is a combination of three jump shots that are widely regarded as the best in the game. They are O'Shea, Kyle Kuzma, and My Little Bug. These three jump shots have a perfect green release window and are incredibly easy to time. We recommend using any of these jump shots for your player to increase your chances of hitting shots.

Steph Curry Base

The Steph Curry Base is another excellent jump shot to use in NBA 2K23. This jump shot has a fast release, making it ideal for smaller builds. It is also great for players who prefer a faster shooting animation. We recommend using this jump shot if you're playing as a guard or small forward.

Base Jumpshot 98

Base Jumpshot 98 is a favorite jump shot among the NBA 2K23 community. It has a lightning-fast release, making it ideal for players who want to get their shot off quickly. This jump shot is particularly useful for players who like to play off-ball and want to catch and shoot. We recommend using Base Jumpshot 98 if you're playing as a shooting guard or small forward.

Normal 4 Pull-Up

The Normal 4 Pull-Up is an effective move to use in NBA 2K23. It has a quick animation that allows you to get your shot off quickly. We recommend using this move when you're in a tight spot and need to get your shot off quickly.

To summarize, shooting is a critical skill in NBA 2K23, and there are many tips and tricks that you can use to improve your shooting ability. You should experiment with different jump shots, unlock shooting badges, consider your player's build, practice your release timing, and watch tutorials to improve your skills. Most importantly, you should remember to have fun and enjoy the process of becoming a better shooter.