​NBA 2K23 Season 8: The Best Drama, Moves, and Tips for Comp Dribblers

Jul-02-2023 PST Tag: NBA 2K, NBA 2K23 MT, Strategy/Tips, NBA2king

NBA 2K23 Season 8 is here, and it brings with it an exciting mix of drama, new moves, and tips for competitive dribblers. In this article, we'll explore some of the highlights from Season 8, discuss the best moves to incorporate into your gameplay, and provide you with essential tips to elevate your dribbling skills in NBA 2K23.

The Best Drama in Season 8

Season 8 of NBA 2K23 is not just about the gameplay; it also introduces some thrilling drama. While the specific details may vary, the game developers have incorporated engaging storylines and narratives that add depth and excitement to the gaming experience. These dramatic elements keep players invested and provide a fresh perspective on the virtual basketball world.

Moves in Season 8

Season 8 introduces new batches of moves that players can incorporate into their gameplay. While there are numerous moves to explore, we'll focus on some standout ones that have garnered attention among players.

One move worth mentioning is the hop jumper, and in particular, Kyle Lowry's version. This move allows players to execute a hop jumper or a step-back hop jumper, adding versatility and unpredictability to their dribbling. James Harden's hop jumper is also worth considering for taller guards. These moves can create space and give you an edge over your opponents.

Settings for Comp Dribblers

To be an effective dribbler in NBA 2K23, it's crucial to optimize your controller settings. Here are some key settings to consider:

   • Pro Stick Function: Set it to default to having better control over your dribble moves.

   • Pro Stick Orientation: Choose "Absolute" over "Camera Relative" to ensure consistent dribbling, regardless of your position on the court.

Outside the Game Tips

Apart from in-game settings, there are external factors that can enhance your dribbling skills. One essential aspect is having a one-millisecond response time monitor. This type of monitor can greatly improve your gameplay and responsiveness, making your dribbling feel smoother and more natural.

Other factors that can contribute to your success as a comp dribbler include participating in events and earning skill boosts, Gatorade boosts, and NBA 2k23 MT. These boosts can enhance your physical attributes and provide an edge in dribbling.

Best Dribble Moves and Packages

When it comes to dribbling moves and packages, it's essential to choose those that suit your playstyle and character-building. Here are some recommendations:

   • Dribble Styles: Trey Young's dribble style is a recent addition and worth trying, especially for tall guards. However, many players still prefer Michael Jordan's dribble style, which provides consistency and effectiveness across various builds.

   • Signature Size-Up: Devante Graham and Candace Parker have received new signature size-ups, but they may not be as effective as desired. Instead, consider Kevin Durant's size-up for low ball handle ratings and Dwyane Wade's size-up for higher ball handle ratings.

   • Moving Crossovers: Players have various preferences for moving crossovers, with options like James Harden, Kyrie Irving, and Michael Jordan. However, Russell Westbrook's moving crossover is particularly popular due to its difficulty to guard when running down the court.

   • Moving Behind-the-Back: Steph Curry's behind-the-back move is smooth and fast, but it requires a high ball handle rating. For a more accessible option, consider Kyrie Irving's behind-the-back move. Allen Iverson's behind-the-back move is also highly recommended for its effectiveness.

Closing Thought

NBA 2K23 Season 8 is filled with thrilling drama and fantastic dribble moves that can elevate your gameplay to new heights. With the right settings, signature moves, and size-ups, you can become a formidable comp dribbler, leaving opponents in awe of your skills. Embrace the challenges, master the moves, and enjoy the excitement that Season 8 has to offer in NBA 2K23. Happy dribbling!