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​NBA 2K23 Season 8: The Ultimate Inside-Out Shot Creator Build

Jun-30-2023 PST

It has been a thrilling journey in NBA 2K23 Season 8, with players exploring various builds and strategies to conquer the virtual hardwood. As the season enters its final stretch, players are on the hunt for that one perfect build that can do it all. In this article, we present the ultimate Inside-Out Shot Creator build that combines elite scoring, playmaking, and defensive prowess. Whether you're dunking on opponents, hitting clutch three-pointers, or locking down the paint, this build has got you covered. Let's dive in and explore the attributes, takeovers, and badges that make this build a must-try for any virtual baller.

The Inside-Out Shot Creator Build

Standing at six-foot-eight, this versatile build strikes the perfect balance between height and ball handling. With a wingspan that maximizes defensive potential, this build offers the best of both worlds.

Attributes Breakdown

Finishing (18 Badges): The driving dunk is maxed out at 99, granting you access to Hall of Fame Posterizer and Hall of Fame Slithery Finisher or Limitless Takeoff. With a 79-driving layup, you'll also have Silver Fearless Finisher. A 76 close shot completes this category, providing you with 18 finishing badges.

Shooting (16 Badges): The three-pointer is raised to 83, unlocking Silver Catch & Shoot and Silver Range Extender. An 82 free throw ensures you stay consistent from the line. Since 2K23 emphasizes the importance of badges over attributes, this setup will be more than sufficient for a lethal shooting game.

Playmaking (20 Badges): Boosting your ball handling to 89, you unlock the coveted Hall of Fame Quick First Step. With Gold Bail Out and Gold Hyperdrive, you'll be a masterful playmaker on the court. It's essential to allocate some extra badges to this category for optimal playmaking.

Defense (16 Badges): To excel defensively, the build enhances perimeter defense to an 86, granting you Silver Clamps and Gold Chase Down Artist. With a solid 68 interior defense, you can also disrupt opponents' shots in the paint.

Physical (82 Overall): By maximizing your acceleration at 82, you'll have the edge in fast-paced situations. Additionally, an 88 block helps with shot-blocking and enhances your defensive capabilities.


This Inside-Out Shot Creator build is designed to offer versatility, allowing you to adapt your playstyle as needed. You can opt for three different takeovers based on the situation:

Slashing Takeover: Easy Blow Bys will give you a bigger dunk meter, allowing you to execute monstrous dunks with ease. Pair this with Lock or Sharp Takeover for quick takeover meter gains when dunking or shooting three-pointers, respectively.

Badges Overview

Finishing Badges (18): Key badges include Fearless Finisher, Rise Up, Acrobat, and Giant Slayer.

Shooting Badges (16): Prioritize Catch & Shoot, Range Extender, and Hot Zone Hunter.

Playmaking Badges (20): Hall of Fame Quick First Step, Bail Out, and Hyperdrive are essential for a dynamic playmaker.

Defensive Badges (16): Focus on Clamps, Chase Down Artist, and Intimidator for lockdown defense.


The NBA 2K23 Season 8 build presented here is a well-rounded and highly versatile option for players looking to dominate the game. With attributes tailored to excel in driving dunks, shooting, playmaking, and defense, this build offers the best of all worlds. Whether you're slashing to the basket, draining threes, orchestrating plays, or shutting down opponents, this build has you covered. Experiment with the badges and takeovers based on your playstyle and preferences to maximize the potential of this build.

Remember, the NBA 2K23 Season 8 build presented here is just one of many viable options available. Feel free to customize and tweak attributes, badges, and takeovers to create a build that suits your playstyle and preferences. Keep practicing, honing your skills, and refining your build to become a force to be reckoned with on the virtual court.

So there you have it—a comprehensive guide to the NBA 2K23 Season 8 build. Get out there, dominate the competition, and have a blast playing the game with your super meta build. And remember, this is the last build recommendation for NBA 2K23, so make the most of it before the next installment arrives. Happy gaming!