NBA 2K23: The Bracket Busters Event and Rewards

Mar-14-2023 PST

March Madness is back, and with it comes the highly anticipated Bracket Busters promo in NBA 2K23. The three-week event, which started on March 13, offers players the chance to earn special Takeover rewards and a mystery player. So, what do you need to do to collect all the rewards? Let's take a closer look at the Bracket Busters event.

Bracket Busters Log-In Cards

The event starts with the log-in cards. Starting from March 13, players can collect special Bracket Buster daily log-in tokens simply by logging into MyTeam every day.

There are 15 Bracket Buster daily log-in tokens to collect, according to the Collections in NBA 2K23. As the event lasts for three weeks, players will need to log in to MyTeam every weekday between March 13-31 to collect all the tokens.

Bracket Busters Takeovers

In addition to the log-in cards, there are Takeovers to collect. Takeover cards have returned in NBA 2K23, but with a twist.

Throughout the event, new Bracket Busters-themed Takeovers will be released, which can be obtained by completing Agendas.

It's worth noting that some of the Takeover cards are subject to being player picks via Agendas. Here is a breakdown of the Takeovers available in 2K23:

94 OVR Willie Cauley-Stein vs. 94 OVR Frank Kaminsky – Get 4 blocks in a game (reward is Player Option Pack featuring two cards)

These Takeover cards will be available until April 7.

New cards will be added to the Bracket Buster event until March 31. The reward for collecting all the log-in cards and Takeover is still unknown, but we should find out who the mystery player is closer to the end of the event.